So You Want To Start A New Recruitment Agency? Things That You Should Consider

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There is a lot of value and fulfilment in running a Recruitment Agency. You get to provide people with work and at the same time provide businesses with good quality assistance, everyone wins. It is therefore ultimately a very rewarding industry to work in. However, it takes a lot of hard work and commitment to take it to a fully functioning agency. It is also a huge financial undertaking and accordingly a strategy should be in place to give you focus.

Know Your Niche:

As with any business venture you will need to formulate a plan. There are a lot of industries out there that will need staff. Do not be tempted to spread yourself too wide and cater to everyone. No one business is capable of doing that and you will become overwhelmed. The better option is to decide up front which industry or industries you are going to specialise in e.g. Financial, Engineering, and then stick with them. This allows you to focus your expenditure on marketing in the right areas to attract the type of staff and clients that you require.

Before you start it is also important to research your geographical area. What are the staffing needs? What kind of staff will you need to employ and keep a pool of? It is important that you are able to keep up with demand in the industry you are supporting as if you cannot, clients will go to someone else who can.

It’s all about the Sales and Marketing:

This underpins your business, so make sure that you have a strategy in place. Know where and how you are targeting any campaigns, and make sure that they are relevant to your chosen industry or it is just wasted effort. Try obtaining mailing lists and use telephone directories for cold calling both staff and potential clients. Use business acquaintances to promote you to people they know – word of mouth is the best kind of marketing.  Use social media to your advantage and both promote the business and find potential staff matches in places like Linked-in.

Get The Administration Side Right:

As with any new undertaking it costs a lot of money in the early day to set up and get going. You need to cater for all of the initial costs like the extra marketing it will require to get going, practicalities like acquiring office space and furnishing it and things like insurance cover. On top of this you will need to be able to meet your payroll for staff and for recruitment consultants and sales staff. Your invoices are unlikely to all be paid in a timely fashion. This is normal practice in any business. However, you do need to factor this in to your budgeting and take into account that it is highly likely that there will be a cash flow gap. You will therefore need to ensure that you have funding in place to cover this eventuality. Doing this is simplicity itself as many people find the solution to this, when starting a recruitment agency, is to take on the support of a company which does recruitment factoring. This will deal with all of your payroll costs before your invoices are paid.

All in all, the best thing that you can do when starting up a new recruitment agency is to do your research and plan. This will give you the focus and a road to follow. Add to that good quality staff and a good sales team and you are well on your way to opening your doors.

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  1. Denis January 13, 2014 at 6:06 am Reply

    Hi I am Mandeep singh from (punjab) india. I want to work in singapore. my qualification is only 10th class but i can speak good english. i heard people with low studies can get labour jobs or storekeeper or cleaner. can i get a job there. please please please help me if you have any job plz contact me :+919779828702taurus1204@in.comif you know any recruitment agency please refer me.

  2. Cody February 3, 2014 at 1:34 pm Reply

    Subject: To the kind of attention of COMPUTER OPERATOR – Your New Employment in the European Union

    Greetings from your Recruitment Agency!

    We were glad to find out that your entire application package is prepared and ready to be sent. Upon receipt, please, print them on quality paper put them in an envelope and post them over to the employer. We recommend you to send them by a courier company.

    The best option is if you have relatives who live in the European Union to send your application package to them. It always makes excellent impression to the employer if the applicant’s documents arrive through mail or courier from an address in the European Union. According to us this somehow makes up for the fact that the applicant is a foreigner. Our experience indicates that most employers accept such applicants as in a way “internal” people, i.e. foreigners who are adapted and accustomed to.

    Otherwise, we strongly advise you to contact the documents preparation company again and ask them to arrange a courier for you. Their courier takes just 1 day to deliver the documents and it is much safer than sending it from anywhere else.

    For further information you may contact them through:

    We shall contact the company/employer in a few days to make sure that your application is already there and to hear about their initial statement. We will keep you informed.

    We would like to emphasize that we are also interested in the successful completion of your application. In this regard, we are doing our best to make your job transfer successful.

    Of course, at this stage of your application process, the most important thing is to have the employers’ final confirmation upon receipt of your application package and his willingness to take the necessary steps to apply for a work permit for you and then for a visa, which allows you to legally stay and work in the country.

    In this case we will be of any help to you in each one of the necessary steps, which should be taken – from visa obtaining in the Embassy to the very departure for the country and your meeting there upon arrival.

    Of course, we should not disregard the possibility of a negative direction of your present application. It is reasonable to bear that in mind – this option is possible, though we believe your case is not of such kind.

    In this relation, we can offer you some other alternatives for obtaining legal rights to live and work in a member state of the European Union. Of course, at this stage, it is too early to consider alternatives other than the current one. Now we have the opportunity (very probable indeed) to have the employer himself make this transfer, which is relatively easy to be done, so that you can start working in his/her company.

    As we have already said, this is the best possible way in our case, but even if there is a negative result, we should not be discouraged – there are multiple other real opportunities for legal job start abroad. In both cases we will be there and you can rely on our efficient help

    Well, we wish you good luck in your future initiative and hope for good news shortly! After all, we have complied with all initial requirements, so now we are within our rights to hope for a successful end.

    Yours faithfully,

    Sandra Robinson

    Recruitment Department

    Our e-mail:

    Our Live Chat Customer Support:

    1. Contact us through yahoo-messenger: JOBCENTEREU2 Mon-Fri(6:30-15:00 London time)


    2. Contact us directly: Mon-Fri(6:30-15:00 London time)

  3. Lavern February 17, 2014 at 1:44 pm Reply

    I was interested in a seasonal job at any place in the mall. please help, thanks!

  4. Shawnta February 21, 2014 at 9:54 pm Reply

    Hey guys I have already asked this question, but I’m looking for a bit more advice.

    Ok I am 17 years old and graduating high school in canada this year. My main goal is to become a cop, however i need life experience in order to be considered as agencies here dont require college. Ive been considering my options, and university or any kind of 4 year program is ruled out. I think it would be a waste of time and money as I could be using those 4 years working or gaining experience in something else. plus it will be hard for me to pay off debts and find a good job.

    i was considering going to a community college for 2 years then going into the military or even going into the military right out of high school. the canadian forces pay starts out at 30,000 US approx for a private, and increases to about 47 000 by your 3rd year. plus living on base is cheap about 300 bucks per month and free food. promotion to corporal is automatic after 3 years I think and pay starts at around 53 000 increasing to close to 60 000 after 3 years. so by the time I am 21/22 if i join after high school I could be making over 50 000 while my friends are still in school or looking for a job with their degree that only starts off at 35 000. im not looking to stay like 20 years in the army as i want to become a cop, but i want to maybe reach the Sgt rank

    Now im not in it for the money. I get great benefits and get to sevre my country which is VERY important to me as a child of an immigrant. I want to serve for my country as it gavemy parents and me the oppurtunity to come and make a life here. It is also great experience from what my cousins have told me and it will help me later on in life. I am capable of getting a degree in something (so my teachers say) but I don’t think it would suit me good..

  5. Marianela May 6, 2014 at 2:44 pm Reply

    I have accepted a job with a company that I was very excited about, however after consideration I don’t want the job for various reasons – it is a third less than I was paid before, longer hours and more targets. However I don’t currently have a job but am looking at other possibilities and have been told by recruitment agencies that I am a good candidate and things will be available in the new year.

    I am just concerned with the economic situation the way it is that other jobs may not come up and I am left with nothing. I want to ring the company I accepted the offer from (I haven’t signed anything yet – this was verbal) and see if I can put it back a few weeks to see if anything else comes along.

    I don’t want to annoy the company I have the job offer from in case I can’t get another job.

    Any ideas?? And what reasons can I give the company to put the job on hold for me?


  6. Leta May 16, 2014 at 1:12 am Reply

    I’m very interested in joining the FBI as a special agent.

    Im 18 years old, I just graduated high school and am currently starting a gap year (probably not important, but I’m interning for Barbara boxer now, I’ll be doing huminitarian work in Uganda, and I’ll be an assistant coach at my high school). I plan to attend a reputable university such as Baylor University. I plan to be a scholarship college track and field athlete, so my physical conditioning is excellent. I know this sounds bad but I want to be honest to get an accurate answer. For the physical fitness test on the FBI site, after seeing the scoring criteria, I am confident I could score near perfect right now. My record is 100% squeaky clean. Never even been pulled over. I have no intentions of taking any risks that may ruin my record. I am an eagle scout, and I have been in many leadership roles (church, sports, etc). I plan on majoring in some form of biology, but I am also slightly considering political science. I read the recruitment process online, but they didn’t make some things clear. Like what difference being a biology major would make for a special agents’ job/responsibilities. I am considering either joining a police force, maybe attending OCS, and/or maybe touching up and perfecting my mediocre Spanish. I am sane… I am also excellent in interviews (probably because I’m an experienced, comfortable public speaker and I know how to kiss ass [not proud of that part]).
    So what are my chances if I apply at 23 with just a college degree in biology? How would things be different if I spoke Spanish, majored in polisci, worked in LE, etc. And how would each of those variables affect the job as a special agent? Also, what other agencies should I consider that are similar to the FBI?

    Btw I’m sorry if I sounded overly confident. I’m only trying to give an accurate representation of myself. I am not a cocky person.

    Also I definitely want to be in the field. NOT in a lab

  7. Morgan May 29, 2014 at 6:05 am Reply

    Yesterday I received a call on my cell phone at 7.15am from one of the recruitment agencies I had registered with and I was half asleep so I did n’t bother answering the phone. Next thing my home phone rings and my mum and I answer at the same time. I’m not a morning person and my first reaction to my consultant (out of concern for having woken up my household) was (angrily) “Can you call my mobil?” My consultant then explained that she had and that I did n’t answer. She actually had n’t done anything wrong and callling me at that time was unaviodable as she was offering me a temporary position starting that day and I had to be there an hour later and I had actually told her I was available for day to day work placements and the school where the job was had only called her a few minutes before to say they needed cover for that position as someone was off sick.

    I did call her up at the end of the day thanking her for calling me and for the position and I told her I loved the job but I am concerned I have put her off calling my home at that time in future should she get another day placement. I want to send her an email. Perhaps I should just pretend I had n’t told her to call my mobil that morning and just say something like “Thanks again for considering me to cover that postion, please call me again on my mobil or if I am not answering then on my home phone”. I just don’t want to make a complete ass out of myself by saying I was n’t completely awake or confusing her by giving her mixed messages.

    Anyone have any ideas of what I can say to her to resolve this matter?

  8. Trudi June 24, 2014 at 2:20 am Reply

    I’ve applied for a job at my local waitrose and I havn’t been to one before but I’ve been told I’m good in mock interviews and I know the basics ( eye contact, body language etc.)

    My friend went to a group interview in the waitrose in the nearby town and got the job. He said they basically wanted him to show team building skills.

    Mine might not be a group interview but I just need some advice, what to wear? What kind of things will they ask/ want me to do?

    Anything helpful would be great.

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