Renting An Apartment With Other People

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Renting An Apartment With others

Renting a house web-sites does work for many people, but sometimes it can be a headache. If you do rent a home with other people, you will want to make sure that everyone’s name will be on the lease agreement. This protects everyone involved from any future misunderstandings. Even the best of pals can have a falling out after they live together. Any time renting an apartment online websites, everyone has a role in the rent, utilities, condominium care and yard care if you have access to one.

Signing a lease with every person who lives within the apartment will ensure that every person is responsible for his or her share of the rent. This does not always exercise well if someone doesn’t pay his or her share of the rent. Despite the fact that one person is not having to pay their share, you still have come up with that portion of the rent yourself. The property owner still needs to receive payment. This area of the lease will protect you in any courtroom proceedings to collect back again rent yourself.

In case you are renting an apartment along with two or more people then one moves out, you can find someone else to take their place and request a brand new lease agreement to become signed from the home owner. This way everyone is nevertheless protected from any misdoings. Many property owners will do a standard check on the new person and either accept all of them or deny them as a potential renter.

Renting an apartment online websites is one way for people to save money and be able to move out of their parent’s house or even some other living agreement. If you do live with others, you need to share the responsibilities of house cleaning, yard work and share the expenses of all bills associated with the apartment such as utilities and food. Not all people, no matter how good of pals they are can stay together, therefore, you might have to make some changes in order for everyone to be happy. Then everyone ought to do well living collectively and sharing costs for everything.

People who rent apartment flats with other people usually would like it to be someone they know properly. In some cases, you might be more satisfied renting an apartment with others whom you do not know. By doing this, if something does not work out, you do not lose friends and start difficulties within your current eliptical of friends. When you have to take someone to court to claim back lease or payment of utility bills, it will be easier if it is not a friend.

Either way, any time renting an apartment with other people, you should have everything in writing and leave nothing out there. This way everyone knows exactly what he or she is responsible for their particular share of what as well as what they can and cannot do. This is done to guard all persons surviving in a shared condo or house. University students have more issues than others because there are sometimes five or six people sharing a home while going to university.

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  1. Guadalupe February 14, 2013 at 1:59 am Reply

    I have a credit score of about 720 right now I have had one credit card capital one for about 1 1/2 years and a department store card for about 1 year, I am planning on renting an apartment mabye by next year when I have more money saved up, I am turning 21 in August. Will having a credit score of 720 affect me getting an apartment?
    Actually my credit score is 722, it says its 45% higher than US population. Also does income affect getting an apartment, my boyfriend and I were gonna split half and half, he doesn’t really have credit?

  2. Emmett February 20, 2013 at 2:17 am Reply

    We have a massive ant invasion in the kitchen, and have done everything we can with off the shelf products and believe its time for the exterminator to visit. We are currently renting the apartment, and want to know who’s responsibility it is to pay for & arrange for the exterminator to visit.

    We are in NSW, so NSW fair trading laws would be best.


  3. Gerald March 8, 2013 at 3:54 am Reply

    I want to sound as knowledgeable as possible about renting an apartment so that I don’t get taken advantage of or anything like that. If you can mention as many crucial questions that pertain to renting an apartment for the first time as possible it’d be GREATLY appreciated!!! Thanks so much!

  4. Jannette March 26, 2013 at 6:07 am Reply

    I’ve heard of renting apartments, rent-to-own apartments, and apartments that you can buy like a house (with a mortgage). Are there other options? What is a “rent-to-own”?

  5. Valda April 10, 2013 at 5:46 am Reply

    I’m a 19 years old international student in NS, Canada. (Im going to an university on Sept.) I have no idea with any law about renting. These days, Im planing to rent a bachelor apartment for next month. I’m wondering what should I be careful when moving out form a family and signing a contract for renting an apartment?

    Thank you.

  6. Deedee June 11, 2013 at 7:27 am Reply

    After you get your bachelor’s, do most grad students move to rented apartments/houses, or do most stay on campus dorms? Which is cheaper? Which is better?

  7. Patricia June 11, 2013 at 6:18 pm Reply

    I am moving out in a couple days from my rented apartment. I want to get as much security deposit back. But I put a couple of holes on the wall because of the door stopper at the back bottom of the doors. I have 2 holes about the size of a quarter each.
    How much are they going to charge me for that?
    And also, My carpet is torn in a couple places because my rabbit chewed on it. But they are changing the carpet anyways right??

    Please help….. thanks!

  8. Tyree July 10, 2013 at 4:59 pm Reply

    Last year we rented out one of our apartments. The couple were both White, and maybe it was something they cooked, ate, or perhaps it was just the scent that they gave off – I honestly don’t know what it was. But I remember that it smelled absolutely putrid each time that I had gone to pick up the check. Now they have stopped renting our apartment, but that wet-dog scent is still there. How can we get rid of the smell? Thanks.

  9. Shaun August 12, 2013 at 11:03 am Reply

    My daughter and girlfriend rented an apartment together. They pay weekly. The apartment came with cable. Cable rates went up and the landlord canceled the cable. Should he legally have to take something off their rent? Even if it’s just $5.

  10. Erik August 17, 2013 at 7:40 am Reply

    Last year we rented out one of our apartments. The couple love indian food and cook curry a lot. Now they have stoped renting our apartment, but the curry smell is still there. How can we get rid of the smell? Thanks.

  11. Carmon August 21, 2013 at 8:03 am Reply

    My boyfriend and I are looking at renting an apartment. He has excellent credit, but mine isn’t very good. How much of an issue will that be? Will landlords likely accept our application based on his credit? I can get my dad to cosign and/or pay a larger deposit — any other tips for dealing with this? Although my credit is bad, I have excellent renter references as I’ve never missed or been late for a payment at my current place — but I’m worried landlords won’t bother looking at that after they see a bad credit score.
    Also: I know fixing my credit is the long-term answer to this problem, which I am doing now. But we need to rent a place in the next couple of months, and I don’t think my credit score will signifcantly improve in that time… Thanks!

  12. Chung August 30, 2013 at 11:39 am Reply

    I want a free template of renting an apartment application to see what information they want to know

  13. Domingo September 10, 2013 at 6:03 pm Reply

    What are the steps of renting a house vs renting an apartment? Is it a lot harder for first time house renters?

    Was planning on finding some apartments in orlando but having a hard time getting approved due to my pension. The ones I’ am approved for seems to be in bad areas such as metro west, pine hills etc…and it is quite annoying. I’ve looked online an realized that I can rent some house/condos and get a lot for my money others than these apartment complexes. Can someone give me more info on how hard it might be to rent an home. Is it a lot harder than getting an apartment. Thanks and appreciate it

  14. Jocelyn September 15, 2013 at 2:14 am Reply

    Will be renting an apartment in Buenos Aires in June/July, and would like to know the best websites for arranging this! Any info you have would be appreciated!

  15. Ivory September 25, 2013 at 5:51 pm Reply

    I have recently quit my job and am consulting from home. I wish to register a sole proprietorship company and the only address I can give in this city is of the rented apartment I live in. My lease is valid till 2015.
    It can use this lease agreement as an address proof by attaching a NOC letter from the landlord/landlady however she refuses to sign any such paper.

    Are there any other options?

  16. Tiffanie October 3, 2013 at 6:45 am Reply

    Recently i bought a used treadmill of 2.65H.P.i just would like to know that can i run this machine in a rented apartment, i mean the power will be enough to run this machine or i need any special electric equipment to run this, because i don’t want to push my self in to awkward situation or dangerous situation.


  17. Yuko October 20, 2013 at 7:49 am Reply

    I have heard of billionaires that made their money from renting apartments. Can someone give me a rundown of how they did it? How did they start off and how many apartments do you think they own? And how much did every apartment might have cost to buy? Can anyone get into this business if they have a good job and work hard on it?

  18. Ned November 1, 2013 at 5:36 am Reply

    There is someone who I am kicking out of my rented apartment, They have betrayed me very badly, They are not legally a resident here because they are not on the lease. Is it illegal for me to put there belongings out on the sidewalk?

  19. Florance November 5, 2013 at 2:45 pm Reply

    My Aunt received a 3 day notice she didn’t leave the apartment. The manager just gave her a package stating that she has to go to court and leave the apartment within five days. What are her rights? She’s been renting the apartment for the pass 15 years. What’s going to happen when she goes to court?

  20. Elton November 19, 2013 at 1:31 am Reply

    I’m looking into renting an apartment and I want to know what are some base prices beside the actual rent. Other prices include water, heating, electricity, internet, cable, etc…

  21. Laree December 3, 2013 at 2:07 pm Reply

    I am renting my apartment. The paint on the walls is quite old and I would like to change it. Is it allowed to paint the wall without asking the lodger? I would like to go for a bright color, like red.
    I rent the apartment to a landlord. I don’t own it. Sorry it wasn’t clear!!

  22. Meta December 14, 2013 at 11:32 am Reply

    I’m very curious, I have a friend that owns a condo so i’m guessing its not a walk in the park to own an apartment and maybe i’m slow on the intake but what’s the difference between owning or renting an apartment and what steps to take to go about owning an apartment without renting monthly? and finally is it a good thing to own rather than Rent?

  23. Soraya December 16, 2013 at 7:04 pm Reply

    Hi everyone!
    I’m going to study in NYC. My school (St Joseph college) is in Brooklyn. I wanted to ask some recommendation about renting apartment. Which neighborhoods in Brooklyn are safe? I’m looking for any tips for a person who have never lived off campus before.
    If I rent an apartment in Queens or Bronx, will it be so long to get to school?
    Could you recommend any sites? And is it better to ask a real estate agent for help?
    Thank you!

  24. Zackary December 23, 2013 at 2:29 am Reply

    I will be moving to Canada and settling alone renting an apartment. I just want to ask how renting works. I am a young adult. Sorry for some of my dumb questions. Do the owner of the apt accept cash or just cheque? Do I need to go to the bank and ask for evaluation for my salary earnings ? Do they do contracts like a year contract or can I leave whenever I want to as long as I pay the whole rent amount (if ever i would want to transfer) ?

  25. Marion December 23, 2013 at 5:08 am Reply

    I’ve rented apartments before, but mostly in small towns where all you had to do was pay and they’d rent to you. I’ll be moving to a large city in a few months, and most of the apartment complexes I’ve looked at require submitting an application. What do they ask on these? Do I need the contact information for my former landlords? If so, just the last one, or a few of them? Do I need other references? Or will they be more concerned about my job and how much it pays? Thanks for any help.

  26. Caron December 23, 2013 at 5:33 am Reply

    I rented a condo today. The condo is owned by a large corporation. It is in a condo community. Most of the condos are privately owned. But a few are corporate owned, and rented out. Is there any difference between renting a condo and renting an apartment? Is a condo building built better than an apartment building? Why is it called a condo, and not an apartment? I really don’t get it. Thanks.

  27. Vaughn December 23, 2013 at 5:38 am Reply

    This is my first time I am renting an apartment and I was wondering what else I have to fit in my budget. I was thinking along the lines of electricity, heating, water and such.

  28. Eilene January 25, 2014 at 6:27 pm Reply

    We are moving and we are wondering if anyone knows the percentage you get off a rented apartment for preffered employees. Such as Military, DR, Teachers Etc…

  29. Wyatt February 16, 2014 at 8:48 pm Reply


    I need to rent apartment in London for unspecified time (anywhere from 1 to 8 weeks). I found some sublets/share and rent agencies that do this kind of stuff, but they all want me to wire them over Western Union deposit ranging from 200 to 400 pounds. While deposits are normal practice in renting business, I’m bit worried about this fixation on Western Union.

    Did anyone rented flat/room in London is that regular procedure or it’s just some way of scamming?

    Thanks in advance

  30. Trudi February 20, 2014 at 8:08 pm Reply

    hi so im a high school senior–plans to get out of here and get an apartmetn to go to tech school before a four year….have to get a place to stay and all..trying to decide which would be better to rent a house or an apartment? what are the ins and outs of both? which is cheaper?

  31. Nola February 20, 2014 at 8:09 pm Reply

    I’m 16 years old and when I want to move out of my parents’ place as soon as I can. I just have some questions about preparing, and I don’t know if it’s bad that I don’t know a lot about getting ready to move out since I am capable of doing so in less than two years. PLEASE answer each question thoroughly and read each carefully. Try to make it as clear as you can, and try not to confuse me, thanks.

    1) What are the papers or other things that are required of me by the landlord when renting an apartment? Please explain what each type of paper exactly is and how I can acquire each.

    2) When I start working a full time job, how will I know how much money will be taken away from me for tax?

    3) What exactly is social security and social security tax? I heard somewhere that everyone pays social security tax? Is that true and if so what does that mean? Does that mean those who are part of social security programs have to pay as well? Isn’t that kind of redundant and ironic for them?

    4) What is taxable income?

    5) If the landowner says that certain utilities are included, does that mean I already pay them in the rent? If heat is included, no matter how much heat I use, I still pay the same amount for it every month? If that’s true, what about the other utilities that aren’t included? Are those the ones that I pay for through the bills that come from the mail? What is usually included when renting an apartment in manhattan?

    6) How much is security deposit usually? Am I only supposed to get my money back when I permanently move out? What does the security deposit cover besides late/unpaid rent and damages?

    7) What types of insurances are there? I want to move to Manhattan, so I don’t think I’ll be worrying about any car insurance. But what insurance is there besides Health? How do I sign up for health insurance and how do I know I qualify?

    8) Will I be asked for any other payments besides security deposit, personal things and utilities? I’ve heard of broker fees, but what exactly is that? anything else I might need to pay for?

    9) How is tax payed exactly? Is it just by deducting money off my paycheck? that’s it? And then I have to file a tax return? What is the point of taking my money if I’m only going to get it refunded in the end? I don’t understand how the taxing system works?

    10) If I rent an apartment that’s already furnished, am I allowed to get rid of it? I know that sounds kind of stupid since I would be paying for the furniture, but am I allowed to?

    11) How will I know if I am required to pay taxes? How will I know if I’m required to file tax returns? Is there a certain age?

    12) How much say does the landowner have on what I can or cannot do to upgrade my apartment? such as repainting walls?

    13) What is credit/credit score? I’ve heard that if you have good credit, that means you’ve generally paid off everything on time? But how does the whole system work? Everytime I borrow money and return it promptly, do I get a formal letter telling me that I’ve earned credit? (sorry that was a joke) In other words, how is your credit determined/calculated?? What does credit consist of? What if I have not borrowed anything, what am I suppose to tell the landlord if he/she asks for it? I believe that’s part of the papers that are required by the landlord, what is on the paper exactly, how do you acquire it? you don’t have to answer this if you’ve already answered it in the first question.

    14) How is the length of the lease determined? Am I the only one who decides what it is?

    14) Am I worrying about all this too early or too late?

  32. Paris February 21, 2014 at 12:47 am Reply

    Are there any differences in how the whole process goes? I know condos are different because you can also buy them, but if you wanted to just rent with no intention to buy, how would that work? If I’m 20 years old are condo owners less likely to rent to me then an apartment owner?

  33. Ted February 21, 2014 at 12:47 am Reply

    I have honestly given it my best shot, and will continue looking for answers, but I have been having alot of trouble finding some information regarding renting an apartment and if anyone could help out at all it would be great.

    Firstly, I am 17; a minor. I want to know about laws in Manitoba, Canada as that is presumably where I want to move. Is it even possible for me to rent an apartment, as in legal? What about with my parent’s permission?
    Next, how do I go about this? Seriously, just in general advice for someone attempting to rent. I looked up renting FAQs but couldn’t find any. Do I phone listing I find in the paper/online and then make an appointment and if I like it and they like me, I pay them? I would really appreciate someone filling me in on how to go about this as I have literally no idea how to arrange a rental.

    Thanks in advance, hopefully I get some answers!

  34. Richard February 21, 2014 at 1:13 am Reply

    I am working on getting my very first apartment! I’m very excited but I don’t really know the basics of what I should be asking. I have heard horror stories about hidden charges, fine print, etc..

    What I’d like to know is what kind of questions should I be asking when I look at an apartment and what should I be looking for (like what are warning signs or what should be there that might not be)? I’d really appreciate any help you can give me!

  35. Rosaria February 21, 2014 at 1:47 am Reply

    Soon I’ll be renting my first apartment and I had a couple questions

    Do you typically have to show proof of income or how does that work?

    and how long does it take to get the apartment i.e. signing papers and everything

  36. Orval February 21, 2014 at 1:47 am Reply

    My boyfriend and I are looking into renting an apartment and there are some questions that I have in mind:

    -Do they accept cash for the deposit and monthly rent?
    -Do you have to have good credit?
    -What is the usual wait to getting an apartment?
    -What other requirements do they look at in order for you to be accepted?
    Our situation is that, his mom is getting evicted from her duplex. (His name is not on the lease.) * And he is forced to find an apartment fast. The only thing is he’s in credit card debt and let’s just say that it is bad and I don’t have any credit history at all. Nor am I going to be there to look at the apartment around with him. I go down there in June. (We’re in a long distance relationship.)* So one of my questions is do MOST apartment require good credit history or any credit history at all? And do they use those things against you? Another thing is that, the only way we are able to pay for the deposit or rent is in cash, since his bank will not allow him to cash out money or put money in his account without using it towards paying the credit card debt. (His credit card company is the same as his checking account.)* So is it possible that some places will accept cash for the deposit and rent?
    ()*Extra information I thought that might help.

  37. Brendan February 21, 2014 at 3:56 am Reply

    I am renting an apartment in 20 apartment’s building and we have 2 washers / 2 dryers on premises. One of the washers is broken for 1 month. I just spoke to LandLord, since manager wasn’t able to dela with it and landlord says that he doesn’t have to fix it. He says he doesn’t have to provide washer / dryer services at all. I live in Los Angeles, CA and have 10 month baby, it is really easy and convenient to me to do my laundry on premises. Is it anything I can do to make landlord repair the washer?

  38. Felica February 21, 2014 at 5:00 am Reply

    how do the residential apartment rentals work.
    sometimes they are expensive while other times i get a very good deal..
    provide some tips so that i could get for good deals..

    basically what i look for is

    1,month to month lease
    2. reasonable rate…
    3. 1 or 2 bedroom apartments

  39. Kurt February 21, 2014 at 9:24 am Reply

    I want to know if the rent and deposit are due at the same time. What is the difference between a loft and an apartment. And is the first months rent due before the deposit.

  40. Sharolyn February 21, 2014 at 9:34 am Reply

    im thinking about buying a few small apartments and renting them out

    but can u tell me abit more about this please what insurance do you need

    im very new to this all and trying to gather as much Information as possible about it

    before i start really considering to do it or not

  41. Willy February 21, 2014 at 9:34 am Reply

    It’s 4 unit each with 1 bed/bath and it is in terrible condition. I’m going to have to install everything and paint the walls etc. Do you think I’m making a good investment? I’m going to down pay about 50%. I have no experience renting to ppl and don’t know how to fix anything.

  42. Yessenia February 21, 2014 at 10:41 am Reply

    This is my first time renting an apartment. I found this cute apartment for $875 a month and the security deposit is $875. Do I pay the first months rent and the security deposit? Or just the security deposit? Im confused about this.

  43. Elisha February 21, 2014 at 3:54 pm Reply

    Hi im currently talking to this owner who apparently lives in London, Britain who is renting an apartment. All the details from the apartment sound like a good deal. But what happens is that i am not going to be able to meet the owner in person. He said that if im interested he’ll send the key and a signed permit from a company called TNT (which is like a fedex in london) and let me see the apartment. The problem comes here…. we’ve been contacting each other thru email… and the times he sends the emails appears in US time. Lets say right now in london is 3pm and here is 10am… the emails ill get are from 10am in the morning… im not familiar with how that works on the email system but my common sense tells me that if you send an email in a country that is 3pm you should get an email saying the time is 3pm when here is 10am….

    thank you

  44. Brady February 21, 2014 at 6:49 pm Reply

    Can you still rent an apartment even if you have bad credit? Is it true that having bad credit can ruin your chances of finding a job?

  45. Clara February 21, 2014 at 6:49 pm Reply

    How long can you actually live in an apartment? Do all apartments have to have a lease agreement ?What happens when your lease is up do you have to move? does rent go up if you decided to sign a new lease ?? what happens if you sign a month to month lease does rent go up or stay the same ?
    @ Night_Ang Thanx that really gave me some answers to my questions im thinking about moving out soon for the first time and im lookin up things i need to kno on renting an apartment thanx for the info 🙂

  46. Renay February 21, 2014 at 6:49 pm Reply

    I just need more info cos im considering of investing an apartment (in cbd) but would i pay tax, land, services etc… i mean where or how? is it by real-estate?

  47. Harris February 21, 2014 at 7:46 pm Reply

    Hi I never rented before and was hoping to hear some wisdom from people who have been through this lots of times. First off if you could give me some DO’S and DONT’S when it comes to meeting the apartment manager for the first time. At what point in the conversation should we discuss the price? Are there things I should never ask the manager? is it wise to try to haggle the price on the first meeting or should I say something like I’ll look around and check back later? to show I dont NEED this apartment to lower the price? thanks. also do some places already have furniture and if so then is it rude to ask if they could take it away to make room for my own stuff?

  48. Jorge February 22, 2014 at 12:25 am Reply

    Why do apartment leasing personel want your social security # , your checking and saving account # and if you have an IRA, that # as well?

  49. Lawana February 22, 2014 at 1:41 am Reply

    Okay, so next semester I will be a sophomore at my college.
    I was told me move out of my house and now need to find an apartment.

    Here’s the problem: I will be living at school, working on campus as an RA, a job that was very difficult to get into and one that will look great on my future resume–NOT a job I am looking to give up.

    If I rent an apartment, is there some way I can put it on hold during the semester? Like, keep the apartment even though I’m not living there? Paying less than monthly rent, just to keep the space?
    Please help, I don’t know the first thing when it comes to renting apartments!! Thanks!

  50. Ronnie February 22, 2014 at 2:31 am Reply

    same monthly rent for either

    what are the pros of cons of both?

  51. Darwin February 22, 2014 at 5:37 am Reply

    I have a question regarding renting a apartment. I have 1300 dollars, but my credit is torn to shreds due to identity theft, and I have a felony drug possession conviction on my background. Can anyone give me any advice on what I should do for securing housing, or do I face homelessness for good?

  52. Keith February 22, 2014 at 6:02 am Reply

    Hi ive been contacting two different owners of an apartment who are renting it at anytime… what caught my attention is that both owners have situations that make them go back to England… One already lives there and one is about to leave soon… I just wanted to know whether this is more of a scam or is just mere coincidence…. Here what they exactly wrote…..


    I just read your message regarding my apartment.
    Sorry if my answer comes quite late, but your email arrived in my spam folder, and I couldn’t see it until now.
    I bought this apartment for my daughter during her studies in US, but now she’s back home permanently, so I’m renting the place for unlimited time.
    The flat is fully furnished and renovated, exactly like in the photos.
    You can use my furniture, or you can also use your own if you prefer. If you decide to use yours, you will have access to a large and well ventilated cellar, where you can store my furniture.
    Also, very important, the utilities (cold/hot water, electricity, wireless broadband Internet, digital TV, 2 parking spots in garage, air conditioning, dishwasher, garbage disposal, microwave, refrigerator, washing machine, etc.) are included in the price of 700 $/month. The kaution is also 700 $, and you get it back, when you decide to leave the apartment (you will have to give me at least 30 days notice). As for me, you can rest assured that I will never ask you to leave the apartment.
    Before we go any further I would like to know how many persons you intend to share the flat with, and for how long.
    Now, a little bit about myself: My name is Thomas Morgan and I’m a 59 years old graphic designer from London, planning to retire in the next 2 years.
    I have a lovely wife, Christine and a 25 year old daughter, Linda. I am very proud to say that soon I’m going to be a grandfather :).
    Another member of our family is a six year old Labrador Retriever which we all love, so, since I’m a pet owner myself, I will have no problem if you want to keep a pet in the house.
    The only inconvenience is that my job doesn’t allow me to leave London even for one single day. We just hired some new staff and I’m in charge of their training, so my schedule is pretty hectic right now.
    But this won’t affect the rental at all. I can make arrangements to rent the apartment from London (on my expense of course).

    Looking forward to hear from you soon.

    All the best from Britain!



    My name is Alyssa Salas, I’m 39 years old and I hope this email finds you well. The apartment is located at 1425 Locust St, Philadelphia PA, 19102. It has 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 1 kitchen and 1 living room at $900 per month (below market value) in return for taking good care of the place. I am looking for someone who will be careful and thoughtful to live in it, as soon as possible, because I have recently suffered a divorced and I will move back home in Oxford, England. The lease can be for a minimum 1 month to 6 years or more. I’m the full right owner of the apartment and the utilities are included in this price (rent/month). Everything in this apt is functional because is recently renovated.
    Just to mention a few, it includes: (refrigerator, washer/dryer and most important 2 parking spaces.). I would also like to know how many persons will occupy the apartment and for how long would like to sign the rent contract, something about you, your ocupation (any pets? cats or dogs?). Unfortunately I, have the keys no one else have access in the apartment because it is a private property.

    Thank you for your interest and wait news from you.

    Please let me know what you guys think?

    Thank You.

  53. Tommy February 22, 2014 at 8:11 am Reply

    i probably have bad credit, i’m 19. I don’t even have a credit card just a free-checking account bank card.

    since i’ve never had to purchase anything big like this, what will i need to have to rent an apartment?

  54. Carla February 22, 2014 at 8:12 am Reply

    My wife and I found a house to buy. We are currently renting a home that’s for sale. The owner printed a rental agreement off of the internet. He’s giving me problems about moving out and breaking the lease and whatnot. Where it says, “Fixed term leasing agreement (lease)” he left the dates blank and just wrote “N/A”. So im not obligated to stay any amount of time. He’s telling me that I have to stay at least another month and pay another month of rent on top of what I already payed him, he also refuses to give back my deposit because I’m supposedly breaking the lease. What can I do about this? Can I just up and leave without being taken to court? There is nothing on the contract that says I’m obligated to keep the lease a certain amount of time. Like I said, he put N/A on the spaces for the dates of the term.

  55. Leonel February 24, 2014 at 2:01 am Reply

    How much does it cost to rent an apartment or a studio in NY?im coming to USA and i dont know this. im worried plz help me!

  56. Fermin February 25, 2014 at 11:29 am Reply

    I’m wondering if saving up and buying a house is a better option then renting an apartment. I’m 18, a young woman in college, and I’m not moving out yet, but I figure it’s time to start thinking about my future and saving up.
    For a first timer, is it better to buy a house, or rent an apartment/house?

  57. Ali February 26, 2014 at 9:24 am Reply

    how much wud it cost for me and my boyfriend to rent a two bedroom apartment in toronto including utilities and everything?

  58. Santo February 27, 2014 at 12:34 am Reply

    Hello, I’m renting an apartment for the first time and today when I went to see the apartment I realized that’s a little old and it doesn’t look to good. But is all I can afford right now. Can I tell the landlord to paint the place, change the kitchen stove and refrigerator and the door lock? I would like to know what’s the safest way to pay your landlord? Can you pay with money order? And how do I know if everything is working ok. Like toilet, showers and stuff like that. I need advise. Thank you.
    Well I live in NY and the apartment is 1200 without utilities.

  59. Johana March 3, 2014 at 2:53 am Reply

    Hi guys. I’m going to rent an apartment in Ottawa, Canada starting this september. I’m trying to find a lease transfer with few months remanning or a month-to-month agreement because I don’t want a yearly contract since I might transfer schools and go to another city next seamster (starting January) but a month to month rent would be perfect since I’m not completely positive I’m going to move.

    Anyway I’m currently outside of Canada and will be in Ottawa in the 30th of August and I’m gonna stay in a cheap hotel room till I rent an apartment. I’ve found quite a few Ads on Kijiji offering a lease transfer and I tried emailing some of them, none replied. However when I’m in Ottawa I’ll try calling and contacting more people. What would I need exactly if they agreed to rent me the apartment? I don’t have a job and I don’t have much in my bank account. My dad is going to pay for the apartment but he lives in my home country. I don’t really have “recommendations” if that’s what it’s called because I’ve never rented a place before. Should my dad transfer money to my bank account that covers the whole rent period? What do I need exactly. I’m so stressed right now and I really need to know everything so I can avoid any future problems. The thought of being there and being told that I cannot rent or not being qualified is terrifying.

  60. Stacy March 3, 2014 at 3:00 am Reply

    How old do you usually have to be? How can I find one? What is an average price? Can I rent one for just 2 or 3 months?

    I’m 19 and I live in a dorm, but i want to live in an apartment next year!

    Also, I live in Charlotte NC, but I need an apartment in Wilmington NC.

  61. Aron March 4, 2014 at 5:06 pm Reply

    Well i’m starting College next year. I’m going to be moving to a different state and i’m not sure if I want to stay on Campus. The College i’m going to is close to where my Xbox LIVE friends live at so atleast i’ll know some people. Now back to the question,i’m not sure if I want to live on Campus or not. I REALLY like to have my own privacy and i’m not a big people person. What do you think is better for me,living on campus or renting an apartment?
    Forgot to put this. I actually found a apartment that is pretty close to the College.
    It’s a little more than living on campus but I can afford it. I’ve been saving money up from my job.
    I’m actually a pretty responsible person. I do my own laundry,get my own food and cook it. I don’t need to make a whole bunch of friends. I already have some that live in Ohio.

  62. Shena March 5, 2014 at 9:12 pm Reply

    Hi. I want to rent an apartment in Rio de Janeiro but there are a lot of sites. has anyone rented from one of them before and if so, would you recommend it? Renting an apartment can be expensive and I want a good experience for what I pay.

  63. Abbey March 7, 2014 at 11:45 pm Reply

    Will they find out i am doing this. I know I can get in trouble would the fact that I have 2 apartments on different sides of town show up on my credit history i’m always on time with both of my rents. I am a tax payer as well so I don’t feel it’s fair that they can come after me legally. Do they ever find out and if so what are my consequences ?

  64. Constance March 9, 2014 at 6:40 pm Reply

    I’m fixing to be 17 June 11th & with that I have 1 more year until I move out of my parents house. I’m aiming for moving out at when I’m 17 & 1/2 though..depending on whether or not my parents will co-sign the lease for me until I’m 18. But my question(s) are, How much money do I need to have saved up for a $599-1059/month apartment?, If that is the monthly cost of an apartment, do you personally think that it includes water/electric/AC?, IF NOT, how much do you think each would cost?, & I know I’m forgetting A LOT of things so could you take the time & tell me what specifically I’m missing in order to rent my first apartment ? After all this is my first time, & I’m only trying to prepare as much as possible right now..
    I live in Picayune, MS. I’m not going to spend that much on extra stuff though. Just mainly necessities. I don’t want to live on bare minimum but it’s kind of what I’m aiming for.. Im most likely going to have a friend or 2 live with me as well. I’m mainly just trying to get a concrete figure on how much a month I need to get with my job & all to pay for everything to do with the apartment, etc.

  65. Enoch March 9, 2014 at 6:40 pm Reply

    My boyfriend and I (we are 18 and 19) are planning on renting an apartment really close to our college.
    The fee is 450 a month (with everything except for electricity). We have a pooch and we both have jobs that we plan on going into full time with. Right now us combined make around $1800 a month and once we go full time I plan on us making around $2000+ a month. Our jobs are within 10-15 minutes driving distance from the apartment.
    My questions to you are:
    (1) is this apartment a good deal?
    (2) Do you think we would be able to afford it?
    (3) What exactly do you need in order to rent an apartment. (credit, etc.)


  66. Kecia March 9, 2014 at 6:41 pm Reply

    I live in NYC and I have a four bedroom apartment on the first floor of my house. I am considering renting it out by rooms but I am hearing different reviews about doing this. Some say that it is legal once I have it registered and some say that it is not legal at all. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

  67. Agustin March 9, 2014 at 6:42 pm Reply

    A lot of person work in Shanghai have chosen to rent a Shanghai apartment, I am decide too, but I do not know how to rent cheap and affordable house in Shanghai.Do you have some of the better sites can recommend? I do not want to consult an renting agency, because I listen to the friend who said agents is expensive.

  68. Allyn March 9, 2014 at 6:43 pm Reply

    I am currently looking for an apartment in Amsterdam.

    A realtor agent sent me the following:

    “To help set your expectations regarding costs for renting a property in The Netherlands, you should expect the following:

    – One month rent in advance

    – Two months security deposit

    – One month commission

    – Tax (19% on commission only)”

    It seems to me this is absolutely RIDICULOUS .. or maybe Amsterdam is populated exclusively by wealthy people?!

    What do you think?
    I am not on vacation ..
    I am relocating to Amsterdam. Long Stay.

  69. Duncan March 15, 2014 at 2:33 am Reply

    Thanks to everyone who answered my previous question! It was my first question and so glad that I asked!

    The dispute I am in with my former (thank goodness) landlord is that the lease we signed was a fixed term lease for one year. The possession date was the 1st of March 2011 and was listed as a one year lease HOWEVER the date that the lease was listed to expire was March 31st 2012.

    Since having some difficulties with our landlord, we decided not to sign a new lease for the unit and moved out on Feb. 29th as that was one year after we took possession of the place. He is now trying to keep our damage deposit as he was not able to rent the unit until mid-month and has filed a dispute with the tenancy board to cover the two weeks the unit was not rented.

    He has even signed the move out inspection, agreed in writing to return it, and even sent us a cheque prior to filing the dispute which was within the 2 weeks afforded to him in the act.

    So until 1 day prior to the deadline for him filing a dispute we were expecting our damage deposit to be returned and only now is he saying that because we moved out on short notice and the lease was marked March 31st, he wants to keep the half month rent. (I wish I would have caught this when we originally signed the lease!)

    My question is, which will stand up legally: the length of the tenancy which is listed as 1 year or the date of the end of the lease which is equivalent to 13 months?

    Thanks so much!
    Thanks for your answer Meerkat….the lease specifically states that it is a 12 month fixed term lease. Because it is a fixed term lease we were not required to give notice.
    We are in British Columbia. I think this is a stalling tactic or an attempt to draw this out. Thanks for taking the time to answer Meerkat!

  70. Galen March 15, 2014 at 2:55 am Reply

    Does anyone know what it would cost to rent an apartment in Paris? What’s the cheapest deal I can find in a NICE and SAFE area?

  71. Charlie March 16, 2014 at 7:58 am Reply

    Looking into renting soon and have a credit rating of 709. Would this stop a aprtment complex from letting me rent??
    Well just that I have high balances to my credit line. Never rented yet still at home. Also other problem is girlfriend and her ex broke a lease.
    ok but is it true appartments look for the times 3 thing with income.

  72. Elizebeth March 21, 2014 at 5:13 am Reply

    Alright, so I have a few questions for the VERY experienced apartment renter. I’m kind of new to this experience, I have rented before with my best friend but as we all know (quite like a name tattoo) once you move in you hate each other to death! Anyway, that was kind of a rushed into ordeal and I don’t want to make the same mistakes again.

    When renting an apartment, are you able to talk them down on fees? Kind of like car buying?

    We (my fiance and I) will have pets… 2 medium sized dogs. Most apartment complexes have started charging this new Pet fee PLUS pet rent???? 20 dollars a month extra per pet ON TOP of the pet deposit of 350. What’s that about?

    When you’re assigned an apartment, are you able to go through it and demand certain things changed and or upgraded? (i.e if the carpet is NASTY even after they’ve done their “maintenance cleaning” can you request it be replaced?)

    And Lastly, any general info on apartment renting would be greatly appreciated! Thanks 🙂
    oh, and of course i’d ask nicely 🙂 i worded that badly!

  73. Alessandra March 21, 2014 at 2:07 pm Reply

    Im in college and I have been living in the dumb dorms and I hate it. I was looking into apartments close by my school and found a few good one. I have never rented an apartment and I was just wondering what are some questions I should ask are or information I should considered before making a deal or signing with the landlord???

  74. Joella April 1, 2014 at 10:46 am Reply

    I’m going on vacation to Florida and was thinking to rent a house or apartment for 5 people in the area around Tampa and Fort Myers close to the beach. Does anyone know a place they would like to recommend? A hotel would also do.

  75. Tyree April 8, 2014 at 6:30 pm Reply

    I’ve been renting my apartment from Opal Estates for a while now. The problem is, I’ve never really been a fan of renting. In the long term I hope to buy my own place for security, and for refurbishment purposes. However, when I put this to my Lettings Agent he brushed off the idea.

    He said if I was to buy the apartment, I would have to “buy the whole building”… but I don’t want to move out! I would love to buy it at any extra cost, however, I don’t want to buy the whole building!

    What legalities are there that I can go through to buy this apartment?
    Thanks to all the people who answered, but more thanks is given to the people being nice about it, and not condescending.

    Jeez, I was already hesitant to ask the question in the first place because some people on this site make askers feel as small as anything…

    Lighten up guys! I know nothing about Real Estate, mkay? But that doesn’t mean I don’t know anything atall!

  76. Chandra April 16, 2014 at 4:07 am Reply

    This is long, but I would appreciate your advice or suggestions.

    Our 1 year lease agreement was up Dec 31, 2009. Back in October I read the agreement to find out when I needed to let her know whether we were going to sign another lease, but the lease agreement states “This lease automatically renews on a month to month basis unless Landlord and Tenant provides either party WRITTEN notice of termination to the other party and the notice of termination will be effective: on the date designated in the notice but not sooner than 30 days after the notice is given”.

    With that written in the agreement, I figured our lease would just turn into a month to month. I didn’t hear anything from her, but did call her on the December 20th to let her know we’d be out of town for 2 weeks. She told me in the phone call that she’s raising the rent, but we’d deal with it when I got back. I just got back yesterday and there was an envelope on our front door step that she dropped off. It was a renewal of the lease for an additional year reflecting the new rate with the lease term starting January 1, 2010. I already sent out rent for January on Dec.21st (the day we left)
    It’s now January 5th. I called her to let her know I received the new agreement, but since we got in late last night, I would go over it when my husband gets home from work. I asked if she received my payment and she said she did, but it was at the original lease agreement amount. It also states in the original lease agreement that “there will be no rent increases thru primary term. Landlord may increase the rent that will be paid during any month-to-month renewal period by providing at least 30 days written notice.” It’s seems clear to me I don’t since I did not receive any notice, only a note with the new lease agreement. That note I’ll consider to be notification of a rent increase….which is not the problem.

    I’m not comfortable signing this lease stating that the new lease period starts Jan 1, 2010…..I mentioned we assumed based on the agreement that our lease automatically goes to a month to month and we are more comfortable with that rather than signed another 1 year.
    She doesn’t want to do a month to month. Can I suggest that we will sign another year provided we can back out with a 60 days written notice and still receive our security deposit. Her concern was 30 days doesn’t give her enough time. I know she’s been stiffed before and I can understand her concerns, but at the same time, I don’t want to commit to another year and “what if’s” may arise and we need to move, I want to make sure we don’t lose our deposit. Any suggestions???? Thank you!!!!!
    Thanks Sassy. I have no problem paying the rent increase, but I did not receive a written notification. If I did not call her 2 weeks before the new year, I wouln’t have known about it. I have no problem paying the new rate starting Feb 1st, but not for January…it’s written in the agreement. You make a good point about going month to month, which is why I asked if it would be okay to see if she’d be comfortable with my other suggestion.

  77. Micah April 24, 2014 at 7:39 am Reply

    When i turn 18 in a few years i am going to try to rent an apartment in california with my friend. if a parent has to sign do they have to be like in person with the renter? and if we are both 18 would both of our parents have to sign?
    also how much would an apartment cost around san diego california? between me and my friend we have about 20000 saved up

  78. Luisa April 25, 2014 at 1:20 pm Reply

    Okay so me and my friend are both 18 and lookin into renting an apartment together. So when it says for example rent is $525/ mon. + utl. does that mean utilities are included in the rent or that you pat utilities seperatly cause we’re confused about it. lol
    so if it doesn’t say + utl, then does that mean they are inluded in rent???

  79. Shannan April 26, 2014 at 4:09 pm Reply

    My bf and I are not sure how to weed out all the “bad” apartments. What do you look for when apartment hunting? Maybe make a list? And should you take photos? And for furniture: The Dump vs Big Lots? Also, Private vs Corporate apartments, which is better? Where is the best place(s) to look for apartments. (North East Phila) If anyone is in the area or near, do you know what some good places are and where?

  80. Brett April 28, 2014 at 6:01 am Reply

    I recently signed a lease agreement for one year that was set to begin on November 17. The landlord informed me that they would provide me a copy of the lease when they were finished moving down to Florida from Missouri. They then informed us that if we sent them the first months rent that when payment was received they would contact us and give us the keys to the property so that we could get in a bit early and start cleaning and painting.

    They received the payment this morning and before notifying me started to cash my payment. I tried several times to call and text the landlord this morning to see if they had received my payment to no avail. I then contacted the place where I bought my money order for the first months rent and they notified me that the money was already in the process of being cashed. I was not made aware they were in possession of it so I sent a text to inform the landlord that if they didn’t contact me soon I would be putting a stop payment on the money order and contacting a lawyer about cancelling our lease agreement as they are trying to cash the first months rent without even providing me with a copy of my lease.

    I then received a phone call from the landlord stating that she does not appreciate me threatening her with lawyers and that her husband got the payment this morning and decided to take and down and cash it. I told her that was not part of our arrangement and that she was supposed to contact me before doing anything with out payment. She then proceeded to tell me that if we wanted out of our lease agreement that was fine with her. I stated that was fine and she hung up on me. I then proceeded to send her a text stating that, “per our conversation I am putting a stop payment on the money order and you are terminating our lease.” She replied with, “If you are threatening me with lawyers then yes I am.” I stated ok and went and filed a stop payment on the money order.

    Later in the day I received a message stating that since I signed a lease agreement already I was still liable for the 12 payments that were owed to them anyway. That if I needed anything else to contact her husband. Since then I have tried to text her to talk to no avail and tried phoning her without an answer.

    I want to know since she stated in a message through text that she was alright with cancelling our lease agreement and I stated that I was ok with this is it enough to terminate the lease? Am I still liable for these payments even though they have not provided me with a copy of the lease, not followed through with contacting us about our payments, trying to cash our payments without contacting us, and refusing to respond to repeated attempts to resolve the situation? I have two kids and a wife to support and really do not want to take this to court if I am just going to be wasting time and money. I have tried to be reasonable but at this point it seems more and more like I am just being used to pay on this persons mortgage. Thank you for any help you all can give me in this situation.

  81. Keith April 28, 2014 at 9:27 am Reply

    There was an error with my pay from my benefits going through this month from my job, Due to this I am not able to pay rent until the 20th of this month it was due on the 5th. I know this is not good but with a family and being recently laid off things are tight. In my lease it clearly states that I have until the 5th of the second month of rent being due to get fully caught up. I intend on paying next week and informed my apt. office of this. They said that it is a generic North Carolina lease agreement and they have have their own policies outside of it that if rent is not paid by the tenth of the current month they automatically file for eviction. They are supposed to file the paperwork today at the courthouse. My question is don’t they have to follow what they and I both signed in the lease agreement. I thought this was a legal document that we both had to abide by?

  82. Lupe April 28, 2014 at 10:35 pm Reply

    tenant does not sign lease
    Ok, let me clarify. My Mom has a grage/storage space that she currently has renting. Well, he is 8 months late on his rent so I am trying to make it an official rental (in writing). He did not sign the lease she sent to him 1 year ago. Currently, I am requesting all past due rents or properties inside garage are liened and will be sold to offset past due rents. THEN, effective 9/1/2010 I am requesting him to sign a lease. What if he doesnt?

  83. Florentino April 30, 2014 at 7:26 am Reply

    Our landlord never disclosed to us that the condo we signed a year lease on was for sale. It has been six months and now they have started to show it. Am i able to break my lease?

  84. Nathanael April 30, 2014 at 9:29 am Reply

    When my six month lease agreement ends befor it ends do i have to put in a 30 days notice?

  85. Leonor May 1, 2014 at 5:32 am Reply

    My friend just signed a personal sublease agreement with a couple living in an apartment near our college. When she asked them if she could make repairs to the bathroom, they told her she will have to have them done herself because they can’t tell management about her living there. They claim that if they tell management it will cost all of them more and they’re only supposed to splitting the rent 2 ways, not 3. Is this illegal and what are the possible consequences? I’m wondering what are some possible motives they would have for this arrangement that might work in their favor?
    clarification: my friend is not leasing it, she is subletting a room it from the couple who is leasing it

  86. Lashaunda May 12, 2014 at 5:37 am Reply

    signed a lease agreement between the landlord for an apartment. On the contract it says “during winter days….MUST keep heat on a minimum of 50 degrees F” and “any damage caused by this will be billed to(who ever leases)”. I am the landlord and the person who rents the apartment got angry at me for telling them to leave the heat on to ATLEAST low so the pipes won’t freeze up and that their not gonna pay anything if the water lines burst. I know for sure that once its on low(or if heats on) it will keep the water lines from freezing up and bursting. Again, on the contract they agreed to the terms and one of the terms said to keep the heat on during the winter and that all repair bills will be paied by them.

    So question is, who has the upper hand(landlord or the other person)? The person signed the agreement, and is now violating one of the terms/conditions.

  87. Annice May 14, 2014 at 2:05 pm Reply

    I was supposed to sign the lease on a 1 bedroom apartment In NY, Ijust got tranfered to Florida, And I cant take the place now. The management company was looking in to taking away my 1800$ security deposit for losses. is this legal??

  88. Brandon May 21, 2014 at 4:49 pm Reply

    Okay, here goes.

    My cousin and I signed into a lease agreement for a 2 bedroom apartment after she pretty much begged me to move out to the east with her, and I agreed. (We’re orginally from Michigan and she was living out here a year prior.) The lease is up at the end of September.

    Tuesday night, she tells me that she got into a fight with her boss about some case (She was a loss prevention officer at Macy’s) about where she let people go who stole a large sum of product totaling over $5,000. And how she may not have a job. Wednesday she comes into my room, starts telling me that she is fired, that she is done, and that she is leaving. I was in a state of shock when she was telling me this, so I didn’t ask many questions. I went outside, talked to my mom, and started crying. My mom comforted me saying it probably wasn’t going to happen anytime soon and that I probably have a month before I have to make a decision on what I’m going to do. Thursday morning, I get up go to work and finally decide to text her when she planned on leaving. She texts back that she left already. That she packed up what she could in her Durango and was on her way to Tennessee already. I started crying and they sent me home (Mind you, I’m only 22)

    That was Thursday morning. Rent is due in like 4 days. I haven’t talked to my landlord yet. She didn’t tell him. We’re still under the lease agreement. My friends that I’ve made here have been more than helpful, offering me a place to stay if I need it.

    But my major concern right now is what do I tell my landlord? I put down a security deposit, but one of my friends is telling me that I could still get into a lot of trouble if the landlord is a jerk. He is telling me to write down a notification of some sort. What kind of stuff do I write down? I’m so stressed out right now, I don’t know what to do, what to think. I’m afraid to tell my landlord. Help!!

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