Facing The Difficult Task Of Making Living Wills

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Facing The Trial Of Making Living Wills

Planning living wills is not an idea that is readily accepted by a lot of folks. In fact, most individuals would even hate facing this task. However, there is something that could somehow alleviate the unpleasantness inside the whole situation.

It usually comes in the form of a full time income will kit, that may provide guidance and assistance in the drafting of a living may minus the distasteful a feeling of admitting the possibility of getting ill to the point of incapacity.

A living will, also is called an \”advance directive\”, is really a legal document that declares a person’s preferences regarding long-term medical care at the time when he or she is no more capable of autonomous decision-making. Living wills also come in two kinds: general and governmental.

The general living may asserts a personal wish without being consistent with any accepted standard. On the other hand, the statutory will is a lawful form that coincides with the requirements of a particular state law concerning living wills.

Because of the legal implications of making a living will, it is highly recommended to draw up one while you’re nonetheless well and wholesome. A lot of web sites on the net in fact offer information regarding this matter. You may also download free web templates for living wills if you wish to perform a run through. Make absolutely certain that you seek for professional advice when you actually draft the final 1.

The Basic Prerequisites

Because a living will can also be considered a personal record, the contents may vary on a case-to-case basis. However, there are essential specifications that render this legal.

* Lawful competence of the maker/owner of the living will needs to be established.

* The particular document should be authorized by the maker/owner and two authenticate witnesses. If your owner/maker is incapable to sign, he or she may ask a representative to do so. The witnesses should also constitute legal age (20 years old and over). Additionally, the representative shouldn’t be any of the two experts.

* The time should be indicated and also notarization must be done, in the event the state requires this.

* The directives included in the living will needs to be consistent with the laws of the particular state. Generally speaking, they should relate to instances wherein the owner/maker has been diagnosed of a fatal disease, or has been comatose for a period which is long enough to be considered long term and any medical intervention would only function to maintain or extend the current vegetative state.

Whenever you can, you should tell your family or closest friends about your living will. You may even allocate somebody to act or perhaps make decisions for you in case you become incapacitated.

In addition, copies from the living will ought to be given to the owner/maker’s members of the family, the attending physician, the hospital/nursing home, as well as other persons involved in the health care. A duplicate may also be published to a living will computer registry that will take care of the required distribution for a particular fee.

Living wills may also be changed or altered. In case you ever choose to make necessary changes, you should notify and furnish copies to any or all the recipients of your prior living will. Aside from that, all copies from the former document needs to be consequently destroyed.

The actual preparation of living wills can be a naturally emotional issue. Even a calm and sensible person might find it difficult to fully focus on the task.

That is why you will need to get all the possible assistance both appropriately and emotionally when drafting a legal report such as this one.

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  1. Trudi February 9, 2013 at 12:37 pm Reply

    I’m trying to find some examples about freeloading in a work at home environment.
    What I mean is how to be a CORPORATE freeloader.. sorry for not being specific.. =D

  2. Aaron April 15, 2013 at 11:30 pm Reply

    Even though the thought of living in a society with laws telling me what I can and can’t wear fills me with dread, exceptions need to be made for dealing with the Muslim menace. The likelihood of Muslims becoming suicide bombers is quite high. The likelihood of another London terrorist bombing is quite high. The Islamic community seems very reluctant to police themselves therefore, the only option we have is to make laws specifically targeting Muslim people, right? What other options are there for dealing with Islamic insanity?

  3. Kip May 18, 2013 at 2:29 pm Reply

    My girlfriend has been suffering with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis for most of her life and it just tears me apart to see her in so much pain. She takes medication for it but still never feels great. I feel so useless not being able to help her with the pain, I’ve asked her if I can help but she always says “its fine”. Are there any ways I can really help her??

    Thanks in advance.
    By the way, we’re both fifteen, if it helps at all.

  4. Willy July 5, 2013 at 1:36 pm Reply

    Must I contact my primary care physician for living wills?

  5. Etta August 24, 2013 at 10:04 pm Reply

    For attorneys: What do you look for in the ideal, entry-level paralegal? Skills? Qualities? What prior experience outside of the realm?

  6. Eboni November 3, 2013 at 8:23 pm Reply

    my dad just lost his eyesight
    so he needs help around we have a 3 year old pitbull and was wondering if we can do anything
    we don’t really have money to spend on an expensive new dog
    if we can what do we have to do? where do we start?
    and are guide dogs allowed in apartments that dont allow dogs should we move??
    we live in southern california
    he is very hesitant about it, he doesnt even want to get a handicap tag for our car

  7. Alexa January 12, 2014 at 6:09 am Reply

    I need to know which would be priority in the case of my death. A will or a marriage. I purchased my home before marriage and it is in my name. I want, beyond a shadow of a doubt, for it to be passed to my children. Not my husband to be. Without a prenup, will the living will take take priority over the marriage? As of today I do not have a will or a prenup. Please help. My home is the only thing I can pass on to my children.

  8. Joycelyn February 22, 2014 at 2:36 am Reply

    Hello, my name is Nathan, and this is more of a venting off than a question.
    To put things simple – I ceased to enjoy life long ago, even if there was anything to be enjoyed, even the smallest details. My childhood was all about religious indoctrination, and a particular situation I’m too ashamed to tell, my teen hood fell into the abyss as I traveled half across the earth on an immigration to another country. Yes I was, and am still poor, although this is hardly what concerns me. I have been living with only my mother for seven years now, and we have been struggling to get by since I was born.
    She is all I have, any other family member I can think off doesn’t care, they only did when she had money, which now is gone. For the past 2 years I’ve been living in my mind, hardly going out, after my first suicide attempt everything fell off.
    I tried to get along with people, but I always end up feeling disconnected, as if there was no place for me here anymore.
    It has been the same situation since then, I swallow my frustrations, and at some point my mother stops, hugs me and I cry for no apparent reason at her shoulder for one hour.
    It’s 05:47 am now, I last remember going out a long time ago, perhaps two months. However, despite all this, even when I was surrounded by people I simply couldn’t understand them, as they couldn’t understand I.
    I went to see a psychologist after the incident – she didn’t help. She didn’t understand how I was feeling, only gave me some pills, and a book, which was about childhood molestation.
    Book didn’t solve, pills are just anti-anxiety.
    I’ve pondered countless times about the actual worth of living a so-called normal life, and it doesn’t appeal to me in the slightest.
    I’ve grown bitter, perhaps too sane about what the world really is, I simply can’t ignore all the suffering and misery so many people go through every single day.
    Yet, there will always be someone to tap on my shoulder and say ”life is wonderful”, as if that meant having a 2012 car is wonderful.
    That is what people told me, that life is about fulfilling our most base needs, and endorsing our greed to no limits.
    It’s not the life I foresaw in the epic poetic world of faith, the utopia that was taught to me.
    It’s clear that my intentions are not to ask of anyone for pity, I know well that the life I have is the life I wanted, lest I wouldn’t be here typing this, nevertheless, like any other human my need for socialization calls out once in a while, and is in that moment that I cry in my heart for help.
    So, I ask of you: Is life truly worth experiencing? In the face of such an expansive universe, that looks as if it doesn’t care, and us, in this rotating rock sphere, trying to figure out what it is all about.
    Alas, some of us care as little for all this as the universe does for us, but not me, I find beauty in it, and if one thing could have been said to make my coming to this existence worth, is to have a chance to take a glimpse on it.
    No, not the usual baby laugh, or cute animal, or flower, or the american dream family smiling, no, this doesn’t make me happy – these are just the reflection of our fantasies. And someone, will always come and say: ” – Hey, don’t worry, be happy ”. I wish I could.

  9. Reginald February 22, 2014 at 6:30 am Reply

    but what kind of person would that make? I’m still kind of confused.

  10. Ariel February 22, 2014 at 6:34 am Reply

    My granddaughter is 26 and suffers from some sort of mental retardation. She was in special education all through school, and obviously she is unable to live on her own or have any type of employment. According to her doctor, she will be mentally five years old for the rest of her life. My daughter and son-in-law refuse to put her into a group home so she lives at home with them and has a babysitter sit with her every day. She’s gotten morbidly obese over the past 10 years, she doesn’t do anything except sit on the couch and stuff her face and watch TV.

    I knew this was going to be a problem when she attended high school, because one day I was at my daughter’s house and when my granddaughter got home from school, she started eating what my daughter called an “after-school snack.” This “snack” consisted of two toaster pastries, two pudding cups, a frozen serving of macaroni and cheese and a bowl of cereal.

    In addition to being fat, she’s lazy as can be. She is NOT physically disabled at all. She’s a very husky young lady and is almost as tall as I am (I stand a full six-foot-one) and she weighs nearly 300 pounds. She should at least be able to clean her bedroom or unload the dishwasher, but my daughter doesn’t expect anything out of her. My daughter cleans the entire house.

    Now, my daughter is trying to get me to find some type of employment at my firm for my granddaughter so she can “get out of the house” and “socialize.” I think this is totally outrageous. I work at Excelsior and Associates, and our firm is one of the top in the Northeast United States. I don’t know what I could do with a mentally retarded 26 year old person.

    My daughter suggested having her lick envelopes or empty garbage cans, but we rarely use the USPS, as most of our correspondence is done via email and we have a janitorial service that takes care of emptying our wastebaskets. Besides, if my daughter thought she was capable of doing these things, wouldn’t she be able to handle the same tasks in the home as well?

    I don’t like airing the family linens in public but thought this was the most anonymous way of doing it, since no one on here knows me personally and it won’t get back to my daughter. So how should I make my daughter understand that my granddaughter has no business working in an office setting and if she’s incapable of even cleaning her room, that she should be in a group home?

    Thank you for your time.

  11. Avery February 26, 2014 at 5:53 pm Reply

    i’m 25 years old. I have so many mental problems, and I doubt that they can be fixed. I dont believe I have a future in this world. . I feel like suicide is inevitable. I have too much confusion, and I cannot see any way out of my problem. I have severe OCD and Anxiety.

    Everyday seems a big task. I’m nearly 25, I cannot imagine making it to an older age. i cant see anything but misery, and pain in my future. I bought a gun a couple of weeks ago, and have been preparing to end my life.

    I can’t explain or share these difficult problems to anyone, because i cannot begin to articulate them, much less fix them. No one will understand, and even if they did there’s nothing that can be done. I am so lost and life is pointless

  12. Mack March 7, 2014 at 11:15 pm Reply

    As strange as it may sound, despite dozens of years of Israeli “peace” with states such as Egypt and Jordan, Arab societies in the Middle East didn’t quite bother with the following question: What’s Israel all about?

    Many people never bothered to find out what is this Israel and who comprises it; besides, peace with it was perceived as a matter for the kingdom and governments. The kind of peace that is irrelevant for the masses. It was seen as a sort of financial agreement between the ruler and some kind of dark and imaginary kingdom, a shadowy fortress whose outrageous existence can only be seen on television channels.

    This is also why it’s so easy to hate it, as it is easy to hate anonymous terms or people.

    However, the new position of the Israeli government, which demands recognition of both parts of the “two-state” slogan, is placing a mirror before Arab societies for the first time. This is an important development that must be insisted on at any price.

    The need to recognize Israel as a Jewish state or as the Jewish people’s state will force the Arabs to make a decision, look at Israel, and understand what it’s all about. Is there a Jewish people? Most Arab community leaders would say: Not at all, just like Mahmoud Abbas or Saeb Erekat believe; at most, there is a Jewish religion, and perhaps Jewish culture. However, in order to get their own state, they will have to recognize this people, its identity, and its national movement – that is, Zionism. They will have to start to truly take interest in it, in reality and not in the world of illusions.

    These are tasks that were never required of the society around us, and therefore we had a cold and sterile peace, vis-à-vis the regime only, along with a limited economic elite made up of those who enjoyed personal perks as result of the peace.

    In the Arab online community at least, the first discussion since Israel’s establishment is taking place at this time on the question of whether Israel exists, and whether it should exist –as a Jewish state no less. This is what the slogan “two states for two peoples” is all about. Yes, the Jewish people is also a nation, and the Arabs will have to accept it, without the compromises of the failed Oslo Accord. For that reason, Israel must insist at any price on both sides of the equation, as Prime Minister Netanyahu is wisely doing at this time.

    No shortcuts

    Placing a mirror in front of someone is a moral thing to do. In my view, this is the only way for the Arabs to understand that they have not approached Israel properly to this day, assuming they looked at it at all.

    If such demand is made, and they rejected it to this day, what does it say about them? That they’re racist? Unwilling to recognize the other? Living in an imaginary reality? They claimed that Israel is imaginary, but perhaps they are the ones who are imaginary and unrealistic? After all, up until now they claimed that Israel is the racist one, yet by rejecting the existence of a Jewish people they are in fact being exposed as racist. It’s not easy for them.

    The new formula requires them to see Israel in a realistic light. It has a right to exist, it is home to 7.5 million people, and it has an economy, life, culture, and existence. This isn’t easy for those who grew up with blatant anti-Semitic norms or with cold disregard for this Israel. The mirror placed before them teaches them about themselves.

    It’s about time that after more than 60 years, the educational process of peace with the Arab world is underway. It will be long and difficult, as real educational processes tend to be, but there is no escaping it. There are no shortcuts here; it’s unavoidable.

  13. Deana March 17, 2014 at 3:41 am Reply

    As soon as you read the word challenge, I am sure something came to mind that will not be similar to others. What ever it was you thought was challenging, I simply wish to know what you do to overcome it.

  14. Alfred April 22, 2014 at 3:37 pm Reply

    I broke up with my ex 5 months ago. She sends me a song on my cell out of the blue, thena few days later she sent this message to me on fb.

    “Distinguishing dreams from reality… knowing what is real & what is not, Is the second hardest task in life. The most difficult being accepting it.
    Is it possible for someone to brainwash themselves into believing the opposite of their founded reality? Because that’s what I feel I have been doing to myself for a long time. Am I crazy? Do I in fact have BPD? Or have I simply been living in denial; refusing & unable to accept my own stupidity & broken dreams from the past? The last one makes the most sense (to me).
    “If I am me & you are who you say you are… then I am you & you are me”.
    I learned a lot from you… you taught me a lot about myself. That means something to me & I hope I have done the same for you.
    June 6, 2011: I took Adderall for the last time. I know that may not sound like much of an accomplishment considering I have many more issues to overcome, but I had to start somewhere.”

    Then we exchanged messages for the next few days… she sent me this last message that doesn’t seem at all why she messaged me… if she wanted to say what she wrote in the last message… why didnt she say it to begin with? Here is that message…

    Basically, Bill, I just wanted to check in with you, Say hi & see how you were. I get the feeling sometimes that you’re not okay & it bothers me to ignore my instinct. I also know you wanted me to let you know if I was thinking about you too otherwise you wouldn’t have displayed your phone # for all to see. 
    Honestly, I’m not really into discussing all our faults & fails. We both know what happened & although our opinions & versions may be different, the end result remains.
    I’ve been trying not to overthink things these days. It only drove me crazy & created havoc. I was just hoping to check in with you to make peace & try to create a friendship. Fuck the rest. Who cares. What’s done is done… it can’t be altered or changed. Life is too short. Right your wrongs & live for today. Right??
    I am sorry for ever hurting you. That was NEVER my intention. In fact my intentions were to heal your hurt & make you happy. To make you feel loved, wanted & accepted. I’m sorry I failed. I really am. Please know I am sincere in saying that. Know that someone (me) found you worthy, believed In you & genuinely cared about you. Okay?
    Wake up tomorrow with those words in your head & every day there after. Because you deserve to be at peace… how else will you ever find total happiness?
    Enjoy your summer & this hot weather. And be safe!

    I think she trued to see if I would take her back and after she found out Im dating other people she tried to save face an act as if she was trying to be friendly… that first message sounded like she was having a struggle and was reaching out to me for something. What do you think?

  15. Jacquline May 31, 2014 at 5:48 am Reply


    I am asking help for finding a safe place to give my cat away. I have had my cat for over 7 years. She is a great cat, but is extremely territorial. There are a few issues as to why this has been a huge burden on me and my family.

    1. My significant other is severely allergic to cats.
    He has been hospitalized a few times due to an allergic reaction from kitties. This was not a huge problem before because we didn’t live together, but now it is, being that we have found a home to start our lives with one another. He has taken a few different types of shots to try to prevent the allergy but they simply do not work. When we didn’t live together, I would clean, vacuum, dust, wash sheets/blankets/pillows/clothing to remove any cat hair that may be around, but now that we live together, it is impossible to do at a pace where it won’t effect his allergies.

    2. My parents are unable to take the cat.
    My parents were the keepers of this cat until about 3 years ago when I needed to take our cat. Due to financial reasons, my parents no longer live in a home that allows cats and do not see this as a feasible solution within the future.

    3. I have tried to find other people to take our cat, but it didn’t work out.
    Our cat used to be an outdoor cat. About two summers ago, she was viciously attacked by a dog and had emergency surgery, due to severe bleeding. She now hates other animals and is extremely defensive. My extended family and friends are very understanding and have tried to take our cat, until we can once again have her. This has not worked out because my cat is unhappy around other animals and hisses and acts mean around other pets.
    This has never happened to me, but apparently she has pooped on the bed of both of the people who have tried to take my cat. I think she was being spiteful.

    She has never lashed out or been cruel when other animals are not present. She is the greatest cat ever and I have run out of options for my beautiful kitty.

    I do not want to bring her to a shelter or anything like that, but everyone who is willing to take my cat has animals and I know it will not work out because of previous situations.

    I now need to find a safe place for her. If anyone knows of a safe place to take cats within Minnesota, please let me know as soon as possible.

    I can barely live with myself for even asking for advice about this, as my cat has always been an extremely close companion of mine. I would be heartbroken if I found out she had been euthanized because of the circumstances that have led up to this.

    I was considering using Craigslist, but I have heard many horror stories about cats used for animal testing and ridiculously cruel things of that nature.

    I appreciate any information that you have and I understand if you think I am indecent for having to take this route… 🙁

    If you know any other options besides shelters, please let me know too..I’m open to ANY options.


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