Dealing with Fraud

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Dealing with Fraud

Within the United State and also within the world nowadays, there is a great deal of scams today. Fraud may take many different forms but it often comes as either identity fraud or even credit card fraud. This article will cope with using your credit and dealing with fraud. This is such a common occurrence that you will have to deal with this at some point in your life and it is best to be prepared and to get sound advice.

You have probably watched diverse specials which speak about how quickly stolen credit credit cards can be run up. This is and it is often frightening when you think about just how this could happen to you. To safeguard you, your credit card company will have a fraud and investigations department. This department is extremely essential to help fight fraudulence and to help you in processing disputes. If you find dealings on your statement which are not yours, you will want to get hold of your credit card company immediately. The company will have a set process so that you can file a dispute against the charge as soon as possible.

This process could be tedious but it is significant as there are set requirements as far as information to be gathered which is mandated by Visa, Master card, etc. The maximum that you simply should be out in the truth of fraudulent activities is normally capped at fifty dollars. It may not even be anywhere near this much but rather show up because zero. When you challenge charges on your credit card, you’ll not have to pay for these fees and there will be no finance costs on your statement for the disputed charges. Usually, you will have a place on your statement which databases disputed charges. Ensure that you remain on top of this kind of because there often is a lot more information needed in the credit card companies to satisfy the standards set by Visa, MasterCard, and so on.

The second part of this post on dealing with fraudulence is to check your credit report carefully. As a regulation, you are allowed a copy of the credit report once a year. With three different credit reporting agencies, one strategy is to acquire a copy from a different credit bureau every 4 months to verify that of the information on the actual credit report is precise. It has been estimated that there may be an error using one out of every four credit accounts. Think about those probabilities and your lifespan of just living. With those odds and the fact that you will have a credit statement for at least fifty several years (due to typical age of life being seventy five and credit commencing at eighteen), would you not think you stand a good chance of having wrong information on your credit report.

If you find incorrect information on your credit record, you can dispute these details. There is a dispute method and the information to get this done is found on the website in the list above.

Hopefully, you have gained some information which will help you. You need to know what your options are due to the fact obstacles come up in your lifetime. It is key to be able to handle these in stride.

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  1. Toby January 30, 2013 at 4:50 am Reply

    Hello I am looking for a lawyer in Toronto to deal with a case and am in need of suggestions. Also, how much could I possibly earn for the lawsuit?

  2. Melita January 30, 2013 at 4:07 pm Reply

    I am trying to get a puppy. How do I tell a scam from the real deal when searching online?

  3. Kerry March 11, 2013 at 11:32 am Reply

    Dealing drugs?
    Check fraud?

    Is there any I’ve missed? Anyone have experience in this?

  4. Gwyneth March 13, 2013 at 4:16 am Reply

    I have heard if you are a member of BOA you get discounted tickets, although i bank with Wells Fargo. Anybody know of any deals on Disneyland tickets? I really want to take my son for his 3rd birthday. Thanks for the help!

  5. Denver April 11, 2013 at 1:25 am Reply

    I’m in a civil case in California and the judge hearing my case refuses to to apply the law. One statue applicable to my case states that a spouse may no sale the family residence without the written consent of the other spouse. There are many other statues that say basically the same thing.There are even precedent cases with opinions that support my contentions but this judge refuses to apply any of those statues or to even acknowledge the decisions made by higher courts, that being the appealant and supreme courts. In fact this particular judge has attempted to invent law to support the adverse parties to my case. My case deals with fraud and by law should void any transfer of my property, what can I do?

  6. Delorse May 16, 2013 at 7:25 pm Reply

    A friend referred me to a travel agency for a good deal on round trip to the caribean. I purchased a round trip for about $100 less that online cheapest offer. However, the suspicious thing is I paid with check because they didn’t take credit cards. The agent cashed the check almost immediately because by the time I called my bank to cancel the check the money was out. Continental Airlines (website and over the phone) told me that the confirmation # I got from the travel agent was invalid. The travel agent seems to be long gone. She is not answering the phone.
    She has my Driver license info. What can I do to protect myself from further damage?

    Please, please help.
    I didn’t give the Social security #
    My friend wasn’t part of the scam

  7. Wilford May 19, 2013 at 10:09 am Reply

    Can the courts issue a sumons for fraud in the UK? Or does the accused need to be charged upon police interview?

  8. Zulma June 18, 2013 at 11:44 am Reply

    I have been quoting prices for tickets and i am supprised that there is no deals i can find. I am a Florida resident and i am looking for tickets for 3 kids ages 6 and 2 adults. Also this will be for the celebration of my sons birthday. I found out recently that disney is no longer doing the “get in free on your birthday” promo, quite upsetting but either way I would love some insight on how i can go about saving a couple dollars. Thank you (date planning to go: Jan 2012)

  9. Willie June 19, 2013 at 11:48 am Reply

    I just wanted to know to what extent investigation goes to for credit card fraud. Do they go as far as to meet up with the cardholder for a person to person statement? Or is it all done over the mail?

  10. Mason July 6, 2013 at 8:16 am Reply

    My cousin got pulled over and the police asked her for her name she used my sister’s name, address, and date of birth what are the procedures that my sister should take with dealing with this situation of identity fraud? Can you please list them step by step for me please so I can tell her exactly what to do?

  11. Carlton July 6, 2013 at 3:04 pm Reply

    Hey, I am from india an doing B.Com. I want to deal in foreign currencies as I heard many people made money by doing it. Is it sounds good?
    If yes, then suggest me a good site where I can learn foreign currencies and the exchange rates, other necessary information needed plzz.. help me.

  12. Leandro July 19, 2013 at 5:59 am Reply

    Is there a specific spot in the Constitution that deals with frauds like Obama not being able to produce the long-form of their birth certificate that allows us to begin a new election and kick his butt out?

  13. Oswaldo July 26, 2013 at 10:33 pm Reply

    Have gotten the answers i sought to my last question. Thought i was being lied to. He thought he met a stupid woman but i have dealt with a military man before and thought his story was funny. But i have pictures that he is using to impersonate with and want to know who to report this information to.

  14. Keila August 5, 2013 at 11:08 pm Reply

    Obviously voter fraud is uncommon and the incentive just isn’t there. Anything large scale enough to make a difference would need to be organized, and this could not pass unnoticed.
    So what’s the deal? Is voter fraud really a problem; or is there another reason to make access to the polls more restrictive?

  15. Omer August 9, 2013 at 4:40 am Reply

    This company is under receivership on account of the governments’ allegations stating they have commited sales tax fraud. The received approval from the courts to have the company go under receivership while their lawyers prove their innocence. They said normal business operations will commence in the meantime.

    This company is a precious metals company and I have money with them in a pool account that is apparently backed by precious metals. I can liquidate it at anytime.

    But now I wonder if they are under receivership, if they will stop all payments to their customers.

    Or… will it be business as usual while they resolve this?

  16. Fermin September 10, 2013 at 2:24 pm Reply

    Isn’t it both shocking and depressing to think that there is still large numbers of average citizens who still naively think that one of the political charletons now running for President will be elected by votes cast by average citizens like themselves? How this mindset can still prevail after years of political corruption, secret backroom deals, voter fraud, assassinations, the outright in your face theft of the last two Presidential elections, and the election of a rubber stamp Congress, is unbelievable. To think that this latest election will somehow be different, that the politicians will finally listen to the voice of the people this time around is ludicrous to say the least.

  17. Minerva November 5, 2013 at 2:40 pm Reply

    My credit card company (Capital One) has incorrectly charged me late fees. I have tried to discuss with them, but they are inflexible — basically, it’s “do what we say, or we’ll ruin your credit”. Is there a State (California) or Federal Agency that oversees credit cards companies and handles consumer complaints?

  18. Newton November 15, 2013 at 2:45 am Reply

    This includes all the click fraud software and all googles terms and conditions.

  19. Codi November 27, 2013 at 2:29 am Reply

    Or the MC logo?
    I don’t want it to be able to be run as credit.

    I want to be forced to type a 4 digit pin.

    This is in case I lose it – someone does not go out on a shopping spree.
    And then I would have to deal with fraud at the bank.

    Banks used to – years ago.
    But do they still do this for customers that request an
    ATM/debit card only – without the credit part of it?

  20. Loni December 3, 2013 at 2:02 pm Reply

    I found out through a family member serving my father with papers that my name is on his lease agreement under associated names? What does this mean? I am confused on this, I have never lived in this house or known of its existence. I wouldn’t be be there for census records and I didn’t sign anything. Does anyone have any ideas? I’d really like to be able to clear this up if I am dealing with fraud. I have also not seen or talked my father in four years due to his drug use and mental state.

  21. Darwin December 9, 2013 at 1:45 am Reply

    Looking for the lowest interest rate, lowest fee deal out there. Need to transfer about $6,000 and have great credit. I’ve googled and haven’t found anything to my liking yet.

  22. Candie December 9, 2013 at 2:11 am Reply

    I want to buy a plane ticket from Europe to Australia and vice versa.What is a good agency-which is reachable through the Internet- in Australia ,that I could rely on and be safe with it ,that there is no fraud or misuse of my money.

  23. Reita December 9, 2013 at 7:09 am Reply

    even though just released emails prove top scientists faked the measured temperatures to hide the fact that the earth actually cooled down in the last ten years.

    We don’t need an international agreement to deal with the fraud called man made global warming.

    And why aren’t the mainstream news organizations reporting this story. Liberals complain about Fox News but you have to watch FOx to find out what is going on because the rest of the news only broadcasts official, approved, Obama White House propaganda.

  24. Ed December 10, 2013 at 4:58 am Reply

    How do I report email fraud in the UK?

    I’m looking for a place to rent but I’m getting a lot of fairly legitmate looking emails about non-existent places to rent. They include real information like actual address and photos.

    People could easily become victims of this and post off a deposit (and never hear of the apartment again)

    What email address can I forward these to in the UK?

  25. Les December 15, 2013 at 8:50 am Reply

    I have a friend who is married. They only supplied their tax preparer his W-2’s and not hers. They made a deal with a cousin who did not work for the entire year that they would claim her two sons and my friends would pay her $1000.00. Their entire refund was well over $8000.00. What are the odds that they will get caught and if so what will probably happen?

  26. Modesto December 16, 2013 at 1:21 pm Reply

    I recently bought a fake purse That was claimed to be real, Now the seller is being very difficult.
    There saying that I ruined there reputation when I didnt even leave them feedback yet.
    I did open a case for security reasons.
    Is there any possible way I could just deal with this crazy lady through Ebay.
    I dont want to speak to her no more, I just want a full refund and all my shipping refunded as well.
    Ebay should ban Fake sellers!

  27. Dino December 17, 2013 at 10:44 pm Reply

    And will they loose their insurance license if they commit insurance fraud if it is proven? I’m just wondering because my ex husband did and someone just turned him in…

  28. Constance December 28, 2013 at 11:01 pm Reply

    – currently I am new to using Yahoo Groups, and I have a question. How do you ensure that the files or documents that are uploaded into the group are protected against copying and stealing? i intend to publish some of my original works, and I would like them to be as secure as possible as to avoid having dealt with frauds and the likes.

    Thank you for information and good day,


    PS: I am an owner of the group.

  29. Tisa January 3, 2014 at 5:08 pm Reply

    We already have to take it on Medicaid and Medicare fraud?
    I know that the UK has to deal with NHS fraud.

  30. Patricia January 13, 2014 at 1:14 pm Reply

    Basically the beneficiary agreed to return the money after the deal didn’t go as planed. However, his account was frozen due to him being a guarantor on a mortgage the wasn’t paid. How do I go about getting my money back?

  31. Tessie January 25, 2014 at 1:23 am Reply

    Do you ever feel like you don’t feel competent to be dealing with the things you do – like work, raising kids, etc? The responsibilities seem to be more than wisdom to deal with them!
    Any insights, commiserations would be welcome.

  32. Harriette February 1, 2014 at 11:33 pm Reply

    Okay, the credit card companies (5 of them) got me when I was 18. I was young and stupid and decided to rack up debt that I couldn’t pay off. I decided to do a settlement (on all 5). Now, when I really need the cards and I would be able to pay on them monthly… I unfortunately cant get them. I look back now and think of all the useless silly things I purchased and regret it! Now there are so many things I need but I cant afford to pay cash for. Will these places ever give me a credit card again? Is there a way I can get it off my record without having to wait the numerous number of years? Any other ideas?

  33. Constance February 2, 2014 at 3:00 am Reply

    To make a long story shorter, below is a letter I wrote to this random insurance company:

    I called your office yesterday morning to question a charge that was taken out of my checking account back in the U.S. I recently worked for X company from 2006 until December of 2010. The company decided to pay for dental benefits sometime in 2008. At the time I do not recall reading any fine print or being told that your company, Security Life Insurance Company, would be deducting funds from my account each month, nor do I remember signing any form that included my checking account number. I actually never even heard of your company until yesterday. I contacted my former HR manager at X on this issue and she has assured me that X has nothing to do with your company. One of your associates claimed that I apparently signed for insurance online and then was sent a packet in the mail. I never receive such a packet. I had extensive dental work done in 2009 and 2010 and had the charges sent to my actual dental provider, Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Has there even been a claim sent to you? When I called your office yesterday morning, the woman I spoke with gave me your fax number and told me to fax over a letter addressing this issue.

    Also, it should be noted that I left X in early December of 2010 to take a position here on the island of Bermuda. Therefore I do not understand why I continue to be charged for dental insurance that I am not receiving, nor have ever received. I waved any additional health benefits provided by X upon leaving the company so I do not think it is fair that I have to continue to pay for this coverage. What also annoys me is that for months there was no way my bank could obtain information as to where this charge was coming from as it only showed up as “check” on my online statements. It also seems odd that the same charge each month for $36.16 was taken from my account and when I finally had my bank made a stop payment of the fee, it suddenly changed to ~$38.00. It is also odd that I was told there is no way to access my information online as almost all companies allow their customer to access insurance information online.. I suspect either someone illegally signed me up for insurance or fraud was involved by your company. At this point, I feel I should be refunded from the time I started getting deductions from my account back in May of 2008. I can prove that my former employer has honestly addressed me on this issue and I can prove that I had dental insurance under Blue Cross and Blue Shield and never took a claim from your company.

    So my question is, what actions should I take? Can I get a lawyer involved or will be too difficult to prove this company was illegally withdrawing money from my account?

  34. Clara February 9, 2014 at 9:16 pm Reply

    it’s not actually me, it’s my friend who is, and i’m supposed to go in tomorow to help her. She bought a Mercedes from a local dealership. <– that's the place. And now, she has no money, because her husband left her, and went to his country. I know, fucked up. Anyway, she needs to give the car back to the dealership and they refuse to speak to her, even though she has a 30 day trial, where she was guaranteed that she could return it back. Tomorow is the last day of the 30 day trial. Its not like she hasn't been trying to get in contact with them, it's like they're ignoring her. The people are really sketchy, and i have a feeling they're crooks. Apparently, her car was taken under the custody of the bank/gov't, so the only way she could possibly get any money out of the car is to return it to the dealers she bought it from… i'm really not big with the law, so please, someone enlighten me.

    And if this is dealership fraud, how would she or I deal with it? She doesn't have enough money for a lawyer, so would we be able to file a report with cops? Please respond asap! thankyou !
    Mac Anic = thanks, i should probably add those details.

    She bought a Mercedes, and has no money. If she returns it to the dealer, guess what, she'll still have no money.

    How did she finance the vehicle? Her husband bought the vehicle, it was under his name first, and then they switched it to her.

    Did she take out a loan? She didn't take out a loan, her husband bought it for her. He has money, he's just an ass.

    Who's name is the vehicle in? Hers.

    Is this 30-day 'trial' in writing? it's on the contract.

    How long since the husband left? About a week or so, maybe even less.

    Why report it to the police? What crime has been committed?
    I'm not sure what crime has been committed! that's why i'm asking you guys! She was financially dependent on her husband, and the mercedes was a gift to her, she would've bought something cheaper. Mind you, it's a used car, so it's not the actual price of a new mercedes. It ranges from 10k – 12k.

  35. Kurt February 12, 2014 at 1:10 am Reply

    I am a Verizon rep and we are having floods of people come in trying to activate 2-5 iPhone lines at a time with new numbers and whatever color we have in stock. Anyone else across the country having this same problem (no matter where you work)? They usually know their deposit/collateral amount or have a the typical line like “customer service approved us for this many lines/walmart was out of phones.” or “Best Buy Mobile/RadioShack sent us here”

    Of course they are taking these phones and selling them for hundreds of dollars more than they paid for them, but it’s amazing what we have to watch for so we do not get charged back on quality activations like this. I won’t go into detail, but when I hear the words “iPhone” and “start new service” in the same sentence I make sure to do a SSN search and many other searches to make sure they have not tried to set up a line at another store.

  36. Kathy February 20, 2014 at 10:41 pm Reply

    Do you agree that the “contestants” and their “families” are actors? This Asian “contestant” last night was ridiculous. Jumping around and cheering and being nervously “funny”. His “family” was only heard when they were on camera. It was nauseating. What’s the deal?
    Horrible show either way but c’mon!

  37. Juan February 20, 2014 at 10:41 pm Reply

    Back in August or early September I made a dumb mistake. I repeated it again in October. I was desperate for money and I took this girl’s wallet to buy books. I got caught and arrested, and am dealing with this problem. However, I also remember that a while back, I took this girl’s credit card (2 of them) to buy stuff at Target since they don’t ID cards there. I don’t remember how much was on each card, probably like under 100 dollars each. I never got caught for that.

    I am obviously making efforts to change as I’ve seen a therapist, so I don’t want you to judge. I am dealing with the problem of getting caught with the other one first, and dealing with it as a first time offense. However, do you think the first girl could find me as well? Should I find her and tell her the truth and offer to pay back whatever? Obviously if it’s been over a month and nothing has happened, then she probably already took care of it. I just don’t want to get caught for this. I have been desperate for money and not allowed to get a job. I don’t want this to affect the rest of my life. I learned my lesson when I got caught and will NEVER do it again. Any advice?
    I was desperate because I needed money for books for school. I want to go to grad school and the only way I can go there is with good grades, and without a book you cannot get good grades. I bought two books. It is true that once I got caught I started thinking about the things I’ve done. However, I want to take the steps to change and become a better person. I hope the judge and the D.A. see that within me and don’t charge me with a felony, and instead just give me a misdeameanor. I am 21 and my parents won’t let me get a job. It is not negotiable. If I get a job they will cut me off

  38. Floretta February 21, 2014 at 1:21 am Reply

    A few days ago I received a txt message from 3807 stating that I have a new JPMorgan Chase banking message a phone number to call. I called and heard that my credit card account has been blocked. It coincided with a recent credit card line increase and a pretty big credit card transaction that I made, so I though they just blocked my account for the reason of unusual activity. Later on the automated system asked my credit card number, zip, expiration, and pin. And I DID PROVIDE IT! Dumb a$$… In a few days a received the same message from another # with another # to call, so I called again, and the phone # was nonexistent… I realized it is a fraud, and that I gave my personal info to some crooks…. I was scared to death, called chase, they changed my credit card # immediately, then I called Experian and put an alert in case someone will try to use my info…
    Is that enough not to worry or should I do something else to protect myself? I am so worried and so surprised that I always so careful didn’t suspect anything right away…
    And the worse thing is I think it also asked for my SSN (though, I don’t remember exactly). I am pissed. What should I do?

  39. Domitila February 21, 2014 at 9:58 am Reply

    I noticed that more and more people are filing for bankruptcy. What happens to all the money that is owed? Someone has to pay and that is the credit card company. If everyone files for bankrupcty, what would happen to the credit card companies? Can they go bankrupt? If they can, what happens to the average people if all credit card companies go bankrupt?

  40. Marlyn February 21, 2014 at 9:58 am Reply

    I’ve had a fraud incident over the counter a few nights ago and trying my best to deal with it. I made 3 purchases as my limit was available and the cashier said the 3 were declined, not showing me proof of the declined perchases I believed her and left. Not long after I called my bank and been told every purchase of mine went through. I was puzzled and been told I was experiencing my first fraud. I need a positive way to deal with it.. Any positive advice is acceptable 🙂 thanks

  41. Hollis February 21, 2014 at 10:22 am Reply

    I posted last week re selling my item online (£400)and being told to expect a cheque from the buyers friend who owed her money, well I did what was suggested and said I didnt have a cheque account (so that I didnt have to write a cheque for balance) and could she just send me a cheque but yest I got cheque for £3500, what the heck do I do now, this person has my home address! help

  42. Ione February 21, 2014 at 10:23 am Reply

    I had a job about to months ago with a restaurant and after I quit I only got a check for $24 on my last check. I knew this was wrong because I had worked way more then $24 worth of work. After calling to see what had happened with that money the district manager told me all my checks were right. He said I had recieved 3 checks from them. But really I had only recieved two. I go and deposit my checks into my account but he said that one of my checks had been cashed and my signature was definetly on it. I asked him to fax me over a copy of the check because I did not cash it. I was looking at the endorsement on the check, and it does look like my signature but there are a few things different in the signature then what I usually sign. can it be proven based on these few discrepancies that this was not me that cashed this check? what else should I do? I contacted the police awhile back and they said that they would need a copy of the check b4 they could do any thing. I plan on going to the police office today. Any other advice?
    Thanks guys
    See thats the thing…. I never even saw the check. I had to call the district manager and after talkign with him found out that a check I hd never seen had been cashed

  43. Karie February 21, 2014 at 10:39 am Reply

    I found the Nokia E90 being sold by “wholesellers” (what they said they are) for prices at around $400.

    Buying the E90 retail would be $900-$1000. And wholesale prices should be lower than the retail price, but considering that it is more than half off is that too good of a deal?

    $400 on one hand sound like fraud, but.. wholesale..?

    Here is the link to the seller:

    I really like this phone.


  44. Jerica February 21, 2014 at 10:39 am Reply

    Everyone knows about the Dem Voter Fraud in 2012. Without all the fraud, Romney would have won. But how can Conservatives deal with Dem Voter Fraud in 2016?

  45. Kurt February 21, 2014 at 12:45 pm Reply

    hi everyone…
    i have been searching the posts regarding after many search and study i have come to know that is a scam website.. i ordered an iphone one month ago and after sending the money i also got the confirmation from them… but after all, all false promises and commitments. I didn’t get anything and the tracking code given from them was also invalid….

    According to my information that i have gathered from the different old customers who were also scammed by them, this is neither a company nor a team, this is running by a private person.. and is total fake.. i will not leave them as i have pay them, i am gonna take a legal action… so please you guys also beware from this type of scam websites and also give me some feedback that how to report them…

    here i would also like to share that some of IDs are running in yahoo which are owned by them who always tell numerous stories about how they bought one last week, 3 days ago or 3 months, yesterday etc. i could see all their lies clearly. some of them IDs owned by them are
    go get your armor
    and when we go to this website the domain also redirects to another domain which has also changed 2 3 times… so please beware and give me suggestions plz…

  46. Hisako February 21, 2014 at 7:07 pm Reply

    I have a question…. I know this lady who doesnt work and has five kids. She was born in Mexico, but the problem is she commits fraud. She sells her foodstamp money to buy illeagal stuff. She has her husband on child support,but she lives with him. What bothers me is that she always says that as long as she lives in this Country the government has to support her family. What can I do to stop her? She needs to learn her lesson!!!

  47. Debrah February 22, 2014 at 5:51 am Reply

    Someone has used my HSBC debit cards and I would like to ask help from you guys, please. This is how it happened:
    On February 4, 2010, I have discovered it online that “association of bus wimbledon” had debited £150 from my Maestro card. I have complained for a refund from HSBC, but they told me someone from the household must have used the card directly by entering its details for the said transaction. They did not approve for the refund. I did not have to cancel the card as it has expired as stated on the same month(02/2010).
    I thought it was all over, but yesterday, March 17, 2010, I had encountered the same problem with the detail “WP Association of Wimbledon” debiting £120 from the new Visa card that HSBC has sent as replacement for the expired card. HSBC did not again approve for refund.
    My questions are: 1. How can I fight for my right to refund from HSBC? It was not me who used the card.; 2. Did you ever encounter this situation, or the company name written above who debited from my account? I cannot find them from the search engines. I want to know from this company the name of the person who did the transaction. I am keen on narrowing the possible suspects to trace the person who used my cards.; 3. I could not think of any one from my household as the suspect, but it can still be possible. Is it likely that someone from the bank could have done it because I’m wondering how come the suspect got hold of my new card’s details so quickly?
    Please give me ideas or your analysis of how to solve this. Many thanks: Casey

  48. Morgan February 22, 2014 at 5:51 am Reply

    here is the car, i dont know much about them but im sure there are thousands of people on here that do so thanks in advance for your help!
    say this isnt a scam, then is it a good deal?

  49. Caron February 22, 2014 at 7:33 am Reply

    They take your application fee…and nothing else happens.
    BBB has over 47 complaints, company doesnt exist. And they have quite a bit of different web sites. This is what I got back from my complaint from the BBB. Also contact your bank to file a dispute claim to get your application fee of $25.
    copy this link to see info:……….

  50. Karla February 25, 2014 at 11:01 am Reply

    I am asking for a friend, NOT MYSELF. Thank God I have never been unemployed. My good friend needs to know what to expect. A company she used to work for is auditing her because they suspect she received benefits after finding full time work, which she did. What is this process like and what should she expect and what is the worse that could happen? She shouldn’t have done this and she knows, but she was unemployed for about 14 months and didn’t feel secure for a while. Not excusable but there is a reason. Thank you so much for the answers. Peace.

  51. Ai February 25, 2014 at 11:13 am Reply

    I have a feeling that or has charged extra stuff on my credit card. I booked a room w/ them. First, they charged the deposit twice. Also, I have other unauthorized charges that are from Europe. Has anyone else experienced problems w/ them?

    If I cancel on them based on a very strong belief that they’re the ones who made unauthorized charges on my card, how do I go about saying it? They charge a lot for last minute cancellation. thanks ppl!

    believe me, i’m pretty sure it’s them. the other suspect would be a b&b, who has been honest & straightforward from the start. but the apartment guys… well you’d have to book through them to find out what i mean.
    i’m talking about cancelling the whole booking as well. they charge you for that. and the credit card company always asks me to talk directly to merchant first.

  52. Alva February 27, 2014 at 8:28 am Reply

    On the one hand, adults have to make good decisions for themselves and the credit card company isn’t responsible for their customers’ spending habits.

    On the other hand, credit card companies make it soooo easy to overspend and soooo difficult to pay off a large balance.

    What say you?

  53. Dakota March 7, 2014 at 7:40 am Reply

    I emailed a person on craigslist asking about a vehicle they had for sale and shortly after that their original ad was flagged for removal. This person has responded to me and it is very clear that he or she is attempting to scam me out of $3000 (for a 2006 car INCLUDING shipping and handling, even though she says she’s from where I am in Arizona) by dealing through ebay instead of locally/in person. I am half tempted to feign compliance in order to get their ebay information, but what do you suggest? Is there any sort of local government agency that would actually care if I reported this? I have googled their username and have found that they have been doing this in Texas and other states also.

  54. Zachery March 7, 2014 at 9:38 am Reply

    I was issued a company credit card and have made company approved purchases on it. If my boss doesn’t pay the bill for one reason or another am I responsible for the purchases? My name is on the card along with the company name. The credit card company just called and basically threatened me personally that if my boss didnt pay I’d be liable for the charges made on my card? Is that possible? I pulled my credit report last week and did not see this card on my report…I have had this card for almost 2 years. It would’ve shown up on my reporty by now right? Also what can I say to this “threatening” man that calls 4 -6 times a day within a 7 hour time span?

  55. Tyson March 7, 2014 at 5:33 pm Reply


    7th May 2013

    Having concluded our recruitment processes , you have been offered a position as an Assistant Electrical
    Engineer at our onshore/offshore project facilities UK”. Attached is our offer contract agreement ,on
    satisfaction of the terms & conditions, you are to return a signed copy via email.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if any clarification is required. We shall proceed & provide further
    employment necessities on receipts of the signed contract agreement.

    We look forward hearing from you immediately.

    Thank you.

    Yours truly,
    Mr.Stewart Heather
    HR Director UK
    Saipem House
    12-42, Wood Street
    Surrey KT1 1TG
    United Kingdom
    Tel: +447864754289
    Fax: +442082965100

    p/s : i realize that there is a lot of fraud going on. I notice the number is starting from 4478++ and the Nigeria spam number normally is 4470+++ i know is close but i really want to confirm

  56. Mechelle March 20, 2014 at 6:53 am Reply

    i lost the use of my account over a week ago, HSBC and every time i go they say there is nothing i can do but wait, i believe this is unfair because i need my money…now what do i do next?

  57. Collin March 20, 2014 at 6:54 am Reply

    basically, my brothers debit card was used to fraudentually top up a pay and go mobile on o2, it shows up on the statement as the last digits as his card so we have no idea what number topped up, is there anyway at all we can find out what number topped it up?

  58. India March 20, 2014 at 6:55 am Reply

    I went to best buy trying to open a phone line to get some credit rolling I’m only 20 I have no credit at all, which the employee was going through the process of signing me up he said “there’s a red flag on your name and your under investigation for fraud” my heart dropped I don’t do any type of frauds NOTHING I never had anything in my name I’m calling a bunch of numbers they are all automated numbers I need help, what causes a “red flag” to pop up under your name? Is someone stealing my identity? Did someone open a bunch of stuff under my name?

  59. Jene March 20, 2014 at 6:55 am Reply

    If charges made on a credit card were fraudulent, who loses the money, the credit card company or the merchant?

  60. Tesha March 20, 2014 at 6:55 am Reply

    So my wife and I bought a car last night. We told the truth on everything. We are very honest. But when the fiance guy came and talked to us he said our income on out pay stubs didn’t match up with what we were making For the year to date. I explained that JAN. FEB those two months, my job was real slow. And has now picked up some what. But on my wife’s end, she is now allowed overtime at work, every other weekend. Well the pay stub he had actually had two weekends over overtime on it. She is paid bi weekly. Well we already signed the application with the salesman, but when the fiance guy came back he took a black marker and crossed thru hers and wrote an additional 300 a month on her salary. Her boss signed a letter stating that she now works over time and makes an extra 350 a month but the dealer guy wrote 650 a month. So the difference is by 300 a month. He said it would help with the interest rate, that we were already approved, we drove the new car home her boss signed the letter, but am I worried over nothing. Its kinda of bothering me. But at the same time, he crossed out what we signed for, and changed it. Is this a big deal, or are we in for trouble.

  61. Tiffanie March 30, 2014 at 4:55 pm Reply

    Capitalone credit card is been charging me $14 a month it says INTEREST CHARGE PURCHASES, is there any way i can get my money back? i don’t wanna call cuz they are not helpful at all as i had so many problems with them, i know i’m trying to pay it all and cancel my account, but for now is there any way i can get my money back the $14? thanks
    i mean i just don’t wanna call and ask if they would turn my money back, if u guy know i can get it back then i will call them
    wow, right is wrong and wrong is right, this country suck very bad and ppl get dumber and dumber

  62. Jessi March 31, 2014 at 9:13 pm Reply

    Ok, so I am looking for a blackberry torch 9800. I was browsing ads on kijiji and came up to one with a really good deal. The seller is wanting to sell it for $350 (Brand new and unlocked). The retail price for the torch is $650 so thats a wicked deal. Anyways , there is one problem I am facing and that this seller is in the US. I live in Alberta Canada. He says that via email, I send him by mailing address and contact information and he replies with a western union link where I pay online for the blackberry. Once the payment is made, he sends me a tracking number from UPS or something after 20 minutes about the phones status. And also, he told me that if I put a $175 part payment , the order will process and then I should pay the rest when the blackberry arrives in mail. Now my question is; does this guy sound legit? Can I trust him? Should I make a payment and trust him to give me a tracking number?

    Dependent on your answers ; thanks 🙂

  63. Trista April 26, 2014 at 2:45 am Reply

    Ok so I had a telephone call from my bank saying that epoch was trying to take money from my account after finding out who they were (a paypal service for adult websites) I was told that I had signed up to a adult site and was therefore being charged.
    I have never signed up to this porn site and told them that, they said someone has then used my details to get signed up. I was assured that the ip address was going to be traced to whoever has used my details, this was over a week ago and I have still not heard back, I have written email after email and still havnt heard back I don’t know who to contact now.
    The main this is I want to find out who has used my details! I was lucky enough to get my money back but how can I be sure it wont happen again.
    Any advice would be great.

  64. Avery May 4, 2014 at 5:57 pm Reply

    I have been looking to teach English overseas and this one placement company called Premier Language Center located in Dubai contacted me and said they had jobs available and needed my name, address and passport information to confirm that i was from Canada. Now I am getting emails from this fraudulent company saying exactly this

    “this is final warning !!! pay $10,000USD to JARIA AMIN, LOCATION:DUBAI. UAE otherwise your passport and names will be use for fraud and scam.”

    i am so scared,what do i do??????

  65. Phung May 11, 2014 at 1:28 pm Reply

    I have recently learned that I have been a victim of identity fraud/theft. What can I do to minimize the damages to my credit?

  66. Marianna May 12, 2014 at 4:04 am Reply


  67. Valentin June 2, 2014 at 2:25 pm Reply

    Have you ever bought ebay daily deal prodcuts?

    For example, sellers are selling $799.00 at $89.00….. What a rediculous and unrealistic price?

    It is a fraud? If it is not, why is it that cheap?

  68. Leta June 3, 2014 at 11:20 am Reply

    My wording could be off but…
    Can a credit card company deny you from using their card because you pay on time and they are not making any money in terms of interest off of you ?

  69. Eugenio June 13, 2014 at 12:03 pm Reply

    Can anybody tell how do this magic trick fraud.

    I will trade you two of the following tricks…

    King Rising
    Complete Coin Vanish
    Wild Levitation
    360 Arm Rotation
    Criss Angel Levitation
    Coin Through Bottle
    Teleporting Cards
    Card Vanish
    French Drop
    Hummer Card
    Small Object Levitation


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