Business Loans for Veterans – Know all about them

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Most of the Veterans, sensing the great chances of succeeding as entrepreneurs are starting their own ventures. Apart from various other reasons, some of the prime ones include a conducive atmosphere for the new businesses and the government policies which encourage the businesses. There is the SBA or the Small Business Administration which supports the veterans into getting these loans. There are a lot of financial institutions which are also present there to en cash on the opportunity arising out of the new class of businessmen who have all the experience under their belt and hence have greater chances of succeeding the in the ventures they set up.

As per one of the survey reports, the success ratio of the businesses owned and operated by the Veterans is very high. looking at this there are several provisions made by the government to help encourage more and more veterans take to entrepreneurship. The Loans offered by the Federal government are not only for the start up of the ventures but the business owners could get them for expansion, diversification, acquisitions and mergers too. Those who have served the military can also get them from the government at nominal rate of interest. There are special loan provisions for the service disabled veterans who want to put their experience, knowledge and expertise into developing their own business.

Center for Veteran Enterprise(CVE) offer several loan products to the veterans who are looking to go on expansion of their existing business or simply looking for options which can offer them a lot of support in carrying out their business well. With the passage of time, many private lenders too have sensed the business opportunity that lies with the veterans and are ready with loan products which can serve their purpose and the lenders profit. Before you even approach a lending organization make sure that you have the right business plan in place as this is what proves your business acumen and credibility to the lenders.

Starting out your venture is no easy task. Getting loans can be a real tough task for the start up businesses. Veterans who have lived their lives and have gained considerable experience in their relative fields have a higher likelihood to succeed in the business ventures they take up. One can avail loans from the SBA. Veterans, service disabled, dependents of the deceased veterans all can qualify for these loans provided they have the right business idea and the acumen to get them.

One of the programs, popularly known as the Patriot Express Pilot loan initiative, offer loans in the range of $5,00,000 to the applicants with an SBA guarantee of 75%. if the applicant demands a loan in the range of $1,50,000 they are likely to get a SBA guarantee of up to 85%. The interest rates on these loans ranges anywhere between 2.25% to 4.80%. A lot will depend on the amount of loan one takes. One can also get a list of the lenders from the local SBA office.

There are some lenders who offer loans to individuals who have bad credit but at the same time have excellent business figures to talk about in the past 12 months. Those who are service disabled also get these types of loans, even if they have bad credit. All that the applicants need to make sure of is that they are current in terms of payments when it comes to any of the debts they carry on themselves.

When the interest rates are compared on the loans offered by the government agencies and the private lenders, there is a marked difference between the two, private lenders charging on the higher side. However, one needs to go through the Veteran Corporation for the details regarding the funding of the small businesses.

If you are looking for a business loan, simply log on to the internet and you will get a lot of websites which will guide you in the right direction and help get the unsecured loan.

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  1. Heriberto April 22, 2014 at 4:20 pm Reply

    I had always heard this and then took a business class, where the instructor said that was a huge myth. Especially the woman part. He said there are but usually they have to do with the military.

  2. Melita April 23, 2014 at 4:34 pm Reply

    I know there is a program for veterans-only that offers a quicker and more streamlined application process for small businesses, however, I cannot find anything that mentions credit as a factor. Only that the veteran must own 50% or more of the business.

    So if credit is a factor (my credit is terrible) could I bring in a partner with good credit and get this thing approved?


  3. Jaime May 1, 2014 at 2:01 pm Reply

    Recently went into business for myself, a plumbing co, business is good, real good, need to hire people,

    Problem, I’m a damn good plumber but I know nothing about the paperwork,,,, taxes, insurance, workman’s comp, payroll, etc, etc. I can’t afford to time away to go to school nor can I afford to hire a fulltime bookeeper yet,

    Are there any reputable companies that would provide just that sort of service, a place where a small businessman can contract out the day to day office paperwork and concentrate on keeping the customers happy?
    I’m in Houston, if it makes a difference.

  4. Eleonor May 2, 2014 at 3:41 am Reply

    I am interested in starting a bed & breakfast in Vermont, and am interested in applying for a small business loan or some type of government grant to help get me started. I was thinking there were specific grants/loans geared toward women interested in starting their own business? Any suggestions?

  5. Jolene June 22, 2014 at 1:26 am Reply

    To give you a little background on the business it’s a production company opened by a bunch of eighteen year olds. Are we going to run into issues about credit?

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